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  1. Thanks, Right now I'm looking into the pit bikes for me and the kids. The kids have never ridden b4 so I want to find some private land so they can get used to them without any sort of pressure. the kids will most likely get some real cheapo's from ebay so if they trash them or if they don't have interest I won't be out alot of cash. I can haul them over to my father in laws place in Hershey but was hoping to find something more local. Any info you can pass along would be much appreciated
  2. I'm buying 2-3 pitbikes for me and my kids to toy around on . i am looking for some pit bike friendly areas around the Allentown, PA area. LMK what's available in my area.
  3. MtDewMini

    Tower City TrailRiders PA.

    Is Tower City Pit Bike friendly? Are there places to ride the pit bikes that are less rocky for these smaller bikes? To join, you need an invite? I can see paying the $30 to test ride the place. What happens if you want to join after the test ride, is it just a matter of giving the membership fee or do you have to know someone to get the invite?