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  1. Which pipe is better for an xr50 with a 88cc kit a yoshi comp series or titanium 4 exhaust? more power? which is louder? thanx
  2. On a scale of 1-10 how loud is the yoshi tri oval/ comp series exhaust, w/ a 88cc kit, and does it sound good?
  3. IS THE YOSHIMURA TRS Tri-Oval stainless system a big bore system?
  4. does anyone know about the Yoshimura TRS Tri-Oval stainless system. Is there a louder pipe out there, please tell me what you know. Thank You
  5. If I put a iShock and the BBR SP-5's on my 50 would it be a good setup? and could i put my regular five o bar clamp on the BBR forks?
  6. Would a five-o xr50 bar clamp fit on xr70 forks? need to know
  7. Does anyone know if the five o bar kit is worth spending $240?
  8. So if i get it I wont have to worry about it?
  9. is this $250 kit any good?
  10. What about a .50 caliber big bore kit I bought and havent put on should i keep it or sell it and get a trail bikes one.
  11. How fast will a fifty with a fmf pipe, a 50 caliber big bore kit, and a 15 tooth sprocket go? and how much of a power gain would the big bore kit give me?
  12. I have a set of 2003 ttr 125 forks just sitting around i was just wondering if you think it would work?
  13. can u put ttr125 springs on a xr50
  14. could i put ttr125 forks on a xr50
  15. Can you put XR70 forks on a xr50?