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    Kinda funny.......

    Lookin like G-string team riders!
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    dual sported WR250F

    I bought my WR street legal from a friend in Arizona. I jumped through hoops at California DMV to get plates. AZ does not require turn signals, so I just bolted on "fakes" to pass inspection. My dilemma is that I bought a UFO tailight with turn signals (because I've snapped off a few sets of rear turn signals) and need to know how to wire the UFO onto my bike. On my bike are a blue wire and a black/blue wire from the harness - a black wire from my rear brake pedal. There are 6 wires on the UFO fender - 3 black, 1 blue, 1 red and 1 red/yellow. I can't seem to get any combination to work, and of course my headlight doesn't work either. All I need to work is headlight and tail/brake light. Someone please help me.