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  1. hoot

    83 Yamaha TT 600 kickback

    Y'know, if the decal is still on the ignition box we could look it up on the Yamaha website and validate what it's supposed to be. At the risk of hijacking the thread, there is a bit more to the story. Y'all might as well enjoy the rest of it. I'd just put the motor back together. Mitch Payton at Pro Circuit had stroked the 430 crank out to a 470, and ported the snot out of it. I don't recall exactly but I think we were either going to the races or maybe trail riding the next day. Regardless, the new motor hadn't even been started yet. Got home from work late. Still hadn't shopped or packed for the drive that night. So I was in a bit of a rush trying to get a little run in time at home, hopefully catching anything really wrong while still sitting in the driveway. Dragged the bike out of the garage. Dumped some fuel in the tank. Turned on the gas and the choke. Dry motor. Tip the bike over until fuel just starts to dribble out the overflow. Put the foot to it. Ka-Whak. Ka-Whack. Third time is always the charm, c'mon baby, Ka-POW! I was in such a hurry that I'd foolishly forgotten to put on a boot and was still wearing sneakers. There was a gawdawful blinding pain in my right foot. I stood there next to the bike, leg curled up under me, eyes tightly shut, feeling my foot throb horribly while strangely going numb. That's usually a bad sign... I was afraid to open my eyes and look. When I did what I saw was a mostly bare foot, sock dangling from my toes, the sneaker nowhere to be seen. Balancing a bit I managed to get the kickstand down and then draped myself over the seat as the foot really started giving me grief. After what seemed like forever I recovered enough to stand up on the good leg and look around. To my complete surprise I spied the missing shoe halfway across the yard. A good thirty feet at least. What the hell?! Well, the next stupid thing was that I decided I could (and should!) hop that far across the yard on one foot to retrieve the AWOL sneaker. Things were somewhat complicated by the fact that the dog, a German Shepard-St. Bernard mix, had left a series of giant doggie "land mines" in the yard and nobody had cleaned them up for a while. All things considered getting out there to the shoe went pretty well, though I imagined I looked like a drunken monkey as I threaded my way through the mine field. Balancing and picking up the shoe, I believe it was an Adidas, and saw the kickstarter had torn it literally in half, slingshotting the remains across the yard. Alas, that's when the third foolish thing occurred. After picking up the sneaker I realized there was no way I was going to be able to hop back to the driveway, the good leg was already shaking badly. The carport was only about half the distance. I thought I could make that without too much trouble so I started hopping in that direction. Wrong again. Made it three or four hops before beginning to careen out of control. Parked in the carport was a 1961 Chrysler 300 letter car with a 413 cross ram and the coolest dash mounted, push button shifter. It also had what are likely to be some of the pointiest fins to ever come on a car. I was busy trying to not crash and burn and didn't notice until it was much to late that I was on a collision course with the back of the car. Proof that even stupid people catch a break once in a while. I managed to not actually impale myself on the passenger side fin - but it was close. Unfortunately there was a definite crunching sound from the rib cage that took the wind right out of me. I came around and found myself sitting on the ground, my back up against the car, barely able to take a breath and wondering what had just happened. No, I didn't go riding the next day and the Doctor got a pretty good laugh out of it.
  2. hoot

    83 Yamaha TT 600 kickback

    It's my experience the TT and XT flywheels have a different inner and outer diameter as compared to each other. An XT600 stator should not fit in a TT600 flywheel. Funny about the 430 Husky. Mine did the same thing to me too. In a hurry and stupidly forgot to put on a boot. When it kicked back it tore the shoe off my foot and shot it thirty feet across the yard. Damn, that really hurt.
  3. hoot

    79 MX100 carb settings?

    Someplace I've got a really nice Chiltons hard bound bible with all that stuff in it. It seems to have disappeared. Hmmmm.... Fortunately we've got a great local dealer here, Kassons, and they keep that old data around. Float height is 21mm +/- 1mm. No air screw spec but 1.5 - 1.75 is generally a fair place to begin. Needle clip is #3 but it's not spec'd if that's from the top or bottom.
  4. hoot

    79 MX100 carb settings?

    Yamaha has placed alot of the parts fiches online on their USA web site. You'll find what you're looking for there. Don't need to pay anything or register to view them. It's good stuff, check it out. www.yamaha-motor.com --> Sport --> Parts and Service --> View Parts Catalog
  5. GPS: 37.631971 -121.538655 The street address is: 18600 W Corral Hollow Rd Tracy, CA 95377, US I haven't ridden there in many years and looking at the satellite view was a bit odd. Out back looks pretty much the same as I recall but the parking lot area has changed significantly. There's a large building at the gate instead of the old two person shack, Skip's store is gone, and the parking lot area is actually layed out now. Damn, this makes me feel really old.
  6. hoot

    Awd !!

  7. hoot

    yamaha id help

    The euro style drive pic is a shot of a yz125.
  8. hoot

    xt 550-600 engines

    I don't know how to prove it one way or another short of ordering parts or buying on Ebay but I wonder if the Grizzly 660 quad intake manifold and carb might fit?
  9. hoot

    Old Husky Pic

    Found this while cleaning the office the other day. It's the only pic I have of my '82 430XC. It had the full-on Pro Circuit 470cc stroker kit, porting, pipe, PC reed cage, and boost bottle. Ran pretty good, even better after switching to a button mag. Mailed Mitch the crank and top end. When I went down to pick up the parts a few weeks later I wondered what I'd gotten myself into. Looking at the cylinder I figured a Volvo station wagon could have driven down the ports, stopped, and opened the doors. Still had the same pleasant Husky power though, just more of it. Good stuff.
  10. Something about those test results are odd. A 24% increase in displacement should make it peak sooner and sign off a bit quicker. Suspect this is not an apples to apples comparison.
  11. hoot

    Any One Know what this bike is ?

    Awwww crud. I've had that happen too. You didn't find a useful number stamped or silkscreened on the flywheel anywhere? Somebody else mentioned it before. The 360 engine is very similar. A 1970-71 RT1 is the place to start looking. In either 72 or 73 they went to a cdi.
  12. hoot

    Husqvarna's and Sunline?????

    06 TC250. Bought a set of ARC levers for a KTM from the TT store. When they showed up the packaging was Sunline/ARC Clutch lever p/n 20-01-007 Brake lever p/n 19-01-003 The clutch lever bolted right up with no issues. The brake lever took minor modding. Holding the Husky and Sunline brake levers next to each other you'll see the "hook" where the factory adjustor seats. On the Sunline lever the hook is shaped differently and bottoms out on the edge of the master cylinder bore before the brake is fully activated. This could result in serious health issues if not corrected before riding. There was also an interference issue with the lever and master cylinder bore where the blade changes thickness near the pivot. It's obvious when the levers are side by side, much harder to visualize from the description. It took about 5 minutes with a flat file to alter the adjustor hook for clearance. Used a small hand grinder to clearance the blade/pivot. That took about a minute with the stone. Haven't been riding enough lately to give the levers a real workout. Did fall over last Sunday, literally one of those old Laugh In tricycle deals. Two wheels, two ruts. The brake lever was fine. Wish I could say as much for the subframe and muffler mounts... My boy rode up behind me and said "nice crash and burn dad".
  13. hoot

    Suspension upgrade for an 81 XL500?

    I do believe you're recalling C&J Racing Frames. They used to advertise the heck out of those conversions in Cycle News back when. Take a look here and see if this is any help: http://www.flattrack.com/Suppliers_list_2.htm
  14. hoot

    Kick Lever Failure

    hunt1moore: In recognition of your sacrifice I am thanking you publicly for selling me your spare starter lever. I appreciate it. Everyone else: The updated lever in the pics was new and still in the original MV Agusta/Husqvarna skin packaging. The part number on the package was the updated part number in the latest online parts guide.
  15. hoot

    Kick Lever Failure

    That's ok AJSB. I'm from Texas and some Yankee once had the nerve to tell me I didn't speak english either. Time for a merciless butt whuppin.... Let me work on pics. Swamped at work and photo editing is not something I'm familiar with. My photo skills consist of point, shoot, and upload. I'll get something together by this weekend.