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  1. ilsrwy27

    What will you replace your DR-Z with?

    I just love these... The MadAss has been on my wish list for a couple of years and now that they have the 125cc there's no excuse not to get one. With regards to the initial post... I sold this with no intention to replace it at first: But I finally broke down and bought this (bad economy = too many great deals to ignore!): I still have my other DRZ though, and do not intend to sell it at the moment.
  2. ilsrwy27

    Time to sell the bike:( DRZ400S - What is it worth???

    There is no way it will go for $4K IMHO, especially since used DRZs are plenty and cheap. And even $3.3K isn't a sure thing with that mileage on a single. If it is in great shape like you say it is, you will make a lot more money just parting it out. Unlike DRZs, DRZ parts always seem to sell easily and for a good amount.
  3. ilsrwy27

    Drz Morphed In To A ?

    It needs a couple of mods stickers...
  4. ilsrwy27

    Flea bay stinks

    As you can see I've been there before... Scammers, non paying bidders, threats... welcome to eBay
  5. ilsrwy27

    Flea bay stinks

    OK I will make it simple... while a bid is theoritically an obligation for a buyer to buy an item... NOTHING EVER FORCES A SELLER TO SELL!!! Contact your buyer, if you get a payment, refund it, put the offender(s) on your 'BLOCKED BIDDER LIST' to prevent any repeat and re-auction the goods. You don't need to contact anyone for the refund, just do it through Paypal, it's instantaneous and there's no charge. The worst that can happen is if the winner is unhappy and leaves you a negative feedback, big deal. Done...
  6. ilsrwy27

    steel sprockets

    Good luck getting Krause Racing / Sidewinder to guarantee anything... Do a search on this site... And you can get a Supersprox 41 for less than half the price of the Sidewinder BTW. I think that's what the KTM team uses for their long distance african raids if that matters.
  7. ilsrwy27

    Carying a Gun

    I'm sorry but this is the most inept comment I have read on this site, ever. Might as well leave the helmet and gear at home too then. There is no way I would consider travelling long distance and camping in the US without a concealed weapon. The OP will be riding a bike, camping and frequently stopping at gas stations anywhere and at any time... All situations making him EXTREMELY vulnerable to become the victim of a violent crime. To the OP: your chances of needing the weapon against a human are a hell of a lot higher than having to use it against an animal. If you're not trained and ready to blast someone into oblivion then don't carry one. If you are, get a CCW and carry loaded in a holster. Check the CCW reciprocity laws in the states you are going to travel to and comply with them and you won't have a problem. If a state does not recognize your CCW.. don't go there! They suck, go spend your money somewhere else! Also if you go around carrying a sawed off shotgun, law enforcement and the ATF will want to have a word with you, guaranteed...
  8. ilsrwy27

    MERGE Fuel Screw for DRZ400E

    Eddie, when fitting the Kientech on the FCR41mm, does the bowl need to be drilled or not? I'm thinking about getting one of these and I'm kinda tossing between the Kientech and Merge. BTW thanks for sending the battery bracket. I received it in good order and installed it this weekend
  9. ilsrwy27

    MERGE Fuel Screw for DRZ400E

    Why is the Keintech so wide at the base? I could be wrong but from what I remember when I looked at the OEM setup, it doesn't seem like it will fit in there without drilling.
  10. ilsrwy27

    Owner Survey, Year, Color, Style, Miles

    Yellow 2005 DRZ400SM with 2100 miles and a street legal SMed yellow 2004 DRZ400E with about 20 miles on it
  11. ilsrwy27

    Will MRD can fit Yosh pipe?

    Like he said... post it on eBay and it will go
  12. ilsrwy27

    MERGE Fuel Screw for DRZ400E

    Thanks for the info Since the Merge seems to be the longest one I guess it's then safe to assume the others will also work on the 41mm FCR
  13. ilsrwy27

    MERGE Fuel Screw for DRZ400E

    Sooooooo we have different fuel screw lenghts... I am amazed at all the stuff I have learned and keep learning on TT! Now does the Merge work with the FCR 41 or do I have to go with one of the others like kientech, scotts?!?
  14. ilsrwy27

    Trip meter running backwards!

    LOL you pressed the wrong buttons and put it substraction mode
  15. ilsrwy27

    What a mental case!!!!!!

    Ti balls