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  1. endozen

    2017 CRF450RX first ride review

    Have about 4 hours with a G2 throttle & 400 cam, makes power more linear down low...so far going back and forth between map 1 and 2, leaning towards 2 for most terrain. Pretty happy so far with stock suspension, we'll see if I feel the same way in 3 weeks after first race with big red. That said, I've revalved suspension on every bike I've had since 94, I don't expect this to be any different. I will say it holds a line very well in corners even without a stabilizer, which is also likely coming soon.
  2. That's a bummer on the leak, worst case if you can't stop it will be warrantied right? I'll probably do the first oil change with the recommended oil, then find something else that works well and more reasonably priced.
  3. I just picked up a fc450 as well. I put a husky power parts plastic skid plate on, luckily the shop I bought it from had one on hand. It is really thick plastic, and mounted perfectly. Have a set of frame guards on order from rocky mountain atv. What's your impression of bike after ride? I'll be riding some track, but also want it to work well on trails.
  4. endozen

    MotoAdventure Enduro - Who's in?

    This race is everything Jeff listed, really fun terrain. I won't be able to make it due to family comittments, but look forward to hearing about it from y'all!
  5. endozen

    Hare Scrambles in Northern CO and Southern WY

    The webe series is a whole lot of fun, and they are very well run. Fyi, the Restart enduros do not require thinking about timekeeping, it is very obvious when you are in a race section and when you are riding a transfer section that connects the race sections. Similar to a hare scrambles with breaks.
  6. endozen

    Texas Creek?

    Thanks for the answer!
  7. endozen

    Texas Creek?

    I was wondering same thing, did Penrose get any of the snowfall of last weekend?
  8. endozen

    Snow conditions

    Thanks for reply, I know the mud of that area can be like clay when saturated. I've rode in Cloudcroft area, is that similar to Monticello stuff? My son & I were aiming at a 1 day ride & return, that's probably out of our range(co spngs) for this coming weekend.
  9. endozen

    Snow conditions

    Any idea how much snow espanola got, and if it might be doable by next weekend 5/6th?
  10. endozen

    PPIR this Sat 1/23

    Looks like I will be there Sunday as well. The light snow we're getting right now might at least knock the dust down a little. See ya there!
  11. endozen

    PPIR this Sat 1/23

    Rex, you're getting too fast, flat tire or not! Rich is riding really well too... Looks like Sunday for me, hope to see you there Mark
  12. endozen

    Re: Colorado Springs Gran Prix Race Series

    Sorry to hear about Tyler, hoping for speedy recovery!
  13. endozen

    RMEC banquet

    Thanks for coming Brian, good to see you again! Overall, I think it went very well. Jim's recognition was very well deserved, gives jr riders a boost into a healthy hobby and makes races more than just Dad's weekend. Truer words were never spoken! I stumbled through my speech much worse a couple of years back, it's a bit of a block when you turn towards audience for sure!
  14. endozen

    PPIR this Sat 1/23

    Hey Tin, Can't make it there today, it should be good riding tho. I'm going tomorrow, forecast calling for high of around 40, plenty warm enough for PPIR cause it works you so much. Have a good ride!
  15. endozen

    Ppir 10-9

    Brian & Rich, you are confirmed on your banquet registrations. There won't be a mailed confirmation on the banquet. See ya there! Looking forward to seeing some race footage this year Rex!