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  1. ktodd

    Husky WR300 ?

    a very reliable source told me about 3 months ago there was for 09 to be a200 & 300 2t and 300 4t so far the 300 4t looks to be true. obviously a 300 2t from an engineering and cost point would be a easy build.not all up on the engineering aspect of it, could be difficult to get 200cc from a 125 or 250. since he said there would be a 200 i am praying to the husky gods that there is a new motor coming, with a 6 speed please/please,please and new frame.
  2. ktodd

    Husky WR300 ?

    your wishes will be answered for 09 husky will be rolling out a 200 and 300 2t
  3. ktodd

    Factory 300's and Loretta Lynn's report

    now that the cat is out of the bag and i can not be blamed for it ,it is time to start saving your beans boys and girls i heard from a reliable source that 200 and 300 2t will be available in 09 and husky is testing a 300 4t txc
  4. ktodd


    i have owned my 06 te 450 for 14 months now and it has 150 hours on it.to date i have had to do nothing to my bike except replace the steering head bearings that were not greased correctly at setup.vavles have not moved,clutch is still good ,still have the original chain and sprockets and it is not because i ride like a sissy. my last 2 ktm's i had put transmissions,cranks,rods,bearings and did a topend by now.
  5. ktodd

    Changing my mind about Husaberg.

    only quirks with the husky's is the drain check screw strips the first time used,the mid pipe burns boots/pants,forks are harsh till broken in ,other wise best woods bike ever made!
  6. ktodd

    Husqvarna dealer in Southeast?

    i live in florida and purchased my bike from gerald at upstate cycles.he personally delivered the bike himself for 225 dollars.
  7. ktodd

    upgrade rotors

    flyred do you know what the part # is for your rear rotor.braking said it was the huo4 and when i got it it did not fit .it mounted to the hub but was to small.
  8. ktodd

    Anyone with a 250/510 that overheats?

    i live in florida and this summer the avg. temp. was 95 with a heat index of 105-110 and my bike has never overheated.i have an 06 te 450 with an auto clutch to.i do run engine ice in it also.
  9. ktodd

    upgrade rotors

    galfer and braking
  10. ktodd

    upgrade rotors

    sorry let me clarify,stock rotor stops great but does not stop the bike the same way every time you use it.go thru a mud hole or a tight section and heat the brake up and you will notice a conciderable amount of difference of pressure needed to stop.the design of a wave rotor helps them clean there self better and cool better.kinda like a hydraulic clutch more predictable and consistant than the stock unit.nice to know at the end of a 40 minute moto or 4 hour enduro and you can barely feel your hands that when you pull in the brake you know what to expect each time!
  11. ktodd

    upgrade rotors

    i have the wave braking rotor on the front ,like night and day from stock it is part#huo4. haven't found anything that will fit the rear .braking says the huo4 rear will fit but orderd one but was to small possibly the huo7 might work.
  12. ktodd

    Moving to Florida next weekend. Where do I ride???

    the state is working on closing the forest down and creating designated loops for ohv,4wheelers,and motorcycles.the day of having free run of the forest is about to come to an end in ocala.i have ridden one of there loops and it is a joke,basically flat jeep trails and the power lines.the state will occasionally be box blading the loops to get rid of the whoops to make the trail "family friendly"if you are a beginner or haven't figured out how to get your bike out of first gear yet you will have a blast.if you like tight wooped out single track forget it.
  13. ktodd

    Moving to Florida next weekend. Where do I ride???

    slim pickins in the daytona area anymore.pax track is about 30 minutes away,bithlo about an hour,ocala forest about an hour ,has about 10000 miles of killer trails but the state is working on shutting it down because drunkin idoits on 4wheelers have raped the forest.
  14. i ordered the front and rear huo4rid for my 06 te.front fits and works great,unable to hook up speedo,didn't feel there was enough meat on the rotor to drill a hole were it needed to be.after finding a way to install the rear rotor, the rotor only went far enough into the caliper that less than half the pads were touching the rotor.not sure if there is a different bracket needed to bring the caliper closer to the rotor.talked to braking about this they are sending me a huo7rid .will respond back when i get it.
  15. ktodd

    TE 510 Midpipe Burns