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  1. Not having gotten any direction, I decided I would just have to drive into the throttle body to see what was going on with the throttle not opening. I started to remove the assembly from the two rubber boots and pushed the front of the throttle body off to the right side. This gave me a view into the front of the opening of the throttle body that goes into the head. I look and see the FUEL INJECTOR is pushed up in the way of the butterfly. That is what was blocking the throttle from opening. So I solved that problem. Now there's another problem with the injector not seating properly. It seems when I push the injector to where it seats without spraying any fuel out where it enters the throttle body, it is too far in and again, doesn't let the throttle butterfly to open. When I slide the injector down to let the throttle open....it isn't seated and when i tap the start button to turn on the fuel pump, i can see a quick mist of fuel coming out of the top of the injector. Its a catch 22. I didn't substitute any parts or O-rings at all. Im working with what was/is on the bike to reassemble the injector and place it back into its spot. Should I just buy a new injector??? I put some compressed air through both ends to unclogg it, so I'm thinking I broke something with whatever it is that stops fuel from flowing backwards through the injector.
  2. Having an issue with my 2013 KTM 450xcf. The bike has been sitting for a year without even being started. Decided to get it up and running yesterday to get back into riding/racing after a few years off. Did all fluid changes and charged the battery for the electric starter since it was dead. Got the bike fired up and running after cleaning the fuel injector. Let it idle for a few minutes before jumping on to ride it down the street and back. Went to twist the throttle and had only minimal play or twisting ability. Went for a ride anyway as the bike would rev enough to get it going and would ride at a low rev speed. Think of 1/8th throttle if that makes sense. I don't even think it was that much. Decided to open up the throttle body to see if there was an issue with the cables. Detached the ends of the throttle cable from the throttle body so they would be free. After doing this the throttle would twist and move as normal with no issue. This is my first EFI bike and am dumbfounded as what could be stopping the throttle to open in the EFI system. Is there a safety lockout if the battery isn't charged enough? Is there a fuse i popped? What could be stopping the throttle to open all the way?? In the video below when i push up with my finger to open up the throttle, it sounds like it is hitting against metal to stop it from opening further. https://drive.google...Ud3M0J5Q1k/view If someone could embed the video if it is even viewable as I couldn't get it to work. Thank you, I appreciate the help.
  3. rmzer

    2013 450 XC-F ?

    Just picked up mine yesterday and rode for about an hour today. Coming off a 2008 200xc-w, there is a night and day difference. This bike is a monster! I can't believe they make bikes with this much power. I thought I was in shape, but I am starting to worry about my hare scramble race on Sunday that this bike is just going to wear me out. With that said... My thoughts after today's ride. The Good Brakes These breaks are almost too good! I never knew experienced literally, "Stopping on a dime." The front brakes just grab and do not let go of that rotor!! Power Like I said, there is more than enough, and I doubt I'll ever use this bike to it's potential. And I race in the "A" class here in Florida. Clutch is almost effortless. I love the hydraulic on this bike way more than my 200, and foresee a lot less arm pump as a result of pulling in the clutch a lot, like I do. Suspension It is great right out of the box. My 200 is set up perfectly, and I feel like i can charge on it over anything that I see with the bike taking most of the brunt of any roots or braking bumps. I was worried I'd lose this feeling, jumping on a brand new bike and having to mess with all the clickers to get it even close! Not so, I went 6 clicks slower rebound and 3 clicks softer compression in the forks and that was it! Hand guards I was planning on buying new Cycra's thinking the ones the bike comes with were flimsy and offered no protection. Not so, these are sturdy and will pretty much stop a hard impact with a tree. The Bad Clutch Even though I do love the clutch pull. It tended to feel like it was either off or on, if that makes sense. I stalled at least 12 times in the hour I rode, and I never stall on my 200. So I'll have to tweak it a little more to get it just right. And, It may have something to do with coming off a 2-stroke as well, so that may have been a factor. Handlebars I don't prefer the bend. I feel like it is more of a flat feeling, almost like holding onto a straight bar/pipe. They are also WIDE, I'm going to need to cut them down. The Plastics I found that my boots were scuffing up the plastics pretty well right above the foot pegs and on up and will need to put some protective grip tape to prevent more damage. That is just a brief on what I was thinking today on the way home. Hope that helps with whoever is deciding on what to purchase. I know others have helped me out with decisions in the past, so just passing it on. My only question for those with these bikes already. When changing the oil, what do you do when the manual says to fill it with 1.59qt, and also says, to keep the level in the sight glass at half way??? With pouring in the 1.59 qt's, the sight class becomes just about 3/4's full. Sooo should I drain some oil out? or stick with the 1.59qt's, leaving the sight glass at 3/4 full???
  4. rmzer

    2013 450 xc-f vs. sx-f?

    I cant find any info if the XC-F has a fly wheel weight. And Florida just received a few xc-fs this past week. I already had two dealers call me on Friday saying they just got their bike in that day.
  5. I have a deposit down on a XC-F right now, but I just looked to see if there was any major difference in the two bikes. I wondering if I should look to get a SX-f instead. It's $500 cheaper. I can only see from the KTM website that sx-f has a smaller fuel tank. This being my first 450 and fuel injected bike, I'm wondering if I'll be able to make it on fuel in the hare scrambles I race in here in Florida. I'm an A class racer and tend to lug my 200xcw. Our races tend to average 44 miles. -11 miles per lap usually, and I get in 4 laps in the 2 time frame. How is the 2012 sxf's fuel range or other 450fi bikes for that matter? And has anyone found any other differences in the two KTM bikes for 2013? I. E. fly wheel weight, suspension differences, gearing......
  6. rmzer

    2013 450 XC-F ?

    Update: Got a call from a dealer today in Miami with a price of $9300 OTD. $600 difference from the dealer in Orlando. I tell ya, I hate buying bikes from dealerships!
  7. rmzer

    2013 450 XC-F ?

    Has anyone been able to locate a dealer that has one of these bikes? I've called all the dealers in Florida and no one has one. This recall has been crazy! I've even called KTM world in GA today, and he has no idea when he's getting one. The dealer in Orlando who I've been talking to the most about it and know from being at all the FTR events says he's getting one in this week. He's given me an OTD price of $9990. Though that's the initial price he threw out, I'm struggling to justify spending 10 grand on a dirt bike even though I've owned a bike for 15 years, let alone been racing for the past 5! I picked up my 08 200xc-w with 23 hours on it for 4,200 3 years ago! Such a big jump!
  8. rmzer

    Hot start killing motor

    LOL i meant, when it's running and pull the hot start in, it kills the motor. And while your trying to start it with the hot start pulled, the motor won't fire up whatsoever.
  9. I'm looking at buying a 07 crf450r from a friend of mine, but when i try to start it when it's hot using the hot start, it kills the motor. Is this a valve issue or carb issue??? Thoughts??? Thank you.
  10. rmzer

    GoPro HD Hero 960 Rmz 250

    i used to live in hammonton. that looked exactly where i used to ride on my neighbors farm. so i figured it had to be somewhere near there or williamstown/vineland/along Rt40. brings back good memories, thanks for posting.
  11. rmzer

    GoPro HD Hero 960 Rmz 250

    that south jersey???
  12. rmzer

    Ohlins works suspension

    Is he out of the US? I'd definitely wait for the 2011 packages!
  13. Coppersmith has the works package fork cartridges and shock for around 4k. The ttx cartridges and shock are about 1700 less. Is there MUCH difference in the two products from Ohlins?? I race the A200 class hare scrambles here in FL.
  14. rmzer

    what are those bands pros use

    Exactly. And they are worn under your jersey.
  15. rmzer

    what are those bands pros use

    The straps are used to hold down his neck brace because he doesn't ride with the securing harness the leatt comes with.