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  1. get a smaller bike
  2. it sounds like one of those times were you just didnt have time to react..but in a wabble i get a good grip on the bars and give it the gas to make the frontend light....
  3. i have a gsxr and a drz i wave at everyone....03 gsxr...03 drz400e
  4. ive heard the same thing that they are not reliable. soo the salesman at baja designs sold me on a ICO speedometer suposed to be bullet proof...i order mine march 1st and its suposed to be here on tues..ill let ya know how it is once i install it.....Bike is a 2003 drz400e
  5. blazer...for sure........compared to a 69 bronco the blazer is a better vehicle
  6. all of the above,,,good leatherman..i prefer the "wave" and i dont think anyone said zip ties...good thing to have and easy to store....