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  1. lessthanevan

    02 Silencer fit on a 05+ YZ125s?

    Found a sick deal on a 02 FMF silencer, will it fit on Alum frame 125s?
  2. lessthanevan

    Daytona Supercross

    I will be there sir!
  3. I love how people knock MMI grads. I would hire a MMI grad in a sec over a guy who just wants to do set-ups. I went to MMI. I Make 36k a year. Im only 23. I love every day of it! Do what you want, money isnt everything in this world dude. Sure i could make a killing being a doctor or a lawyer but its not my passion. Do what YOU want.
  4. lessthanevan

    direct injection

    They are also in Yamaha GP1300 waverunners aswell....
  5. lessthanevan

    Does anybody sell the Kyle Loza graphics yet?

    Nothing says im hardcore/badass then posting crosses on my bike. Gimme a break...check out his clothing line "truth." Stay in church bud
  6. lessthanevan

    trey canards house

    Adam is local at Bithlo in Orlando, FL. Kid destroys the track! Tarah Geiger and him were at each other for a couple of laps. It was pretty funny watching an 85cc whip her on that 250f.
  7. lessthanevan

    Popping on decel?

    you dont need 110 dude, 93 is fine for that motor, fatten it up on main and pilot jet.
  8. lessthanevan

    BBMX documentary.

    I rode practice with Sean and Karsten Butler at Seminole Tribe MX. They fly!
  9. lessthanevan

    Carmichaels Bikes

    08 tanks hold 1.6 gal so they didnt use aluminum for more space.
  10. lessthanevan

    Just Bought a 2008 CRF 250

    the screen is a spark arrestor to prevent setting your air cleaner on fire when the bike backfires. try this sometime, take off your screen and hold a lighter to the bottom of it, notice how it doesnt travel threw it.
  11. lessthanevan

    2006 CRF250R bog issue after ap mod??

    its too lean off the bottom end, from the pilot circuit. Fatten it up a bit with a larger pilot jet not smaller. pilot circuit controls 1/4 to 1/2 throttle opening then needle jet/jet needle controls 1/2-3/4, Main jet controls 3/4 to WOT.
  12. lessthanevan

    MMI Information

    Its all in who you know man. I graduated July 07 im wrenching at a dealership now. Pay is decent but if you want to go only MX or road racing type shops, you just gotta get your name out there and work the scene. Its all who you know. So travel to the local tracks with some cards and get your name out there.
  13. lessthanevan

    need help with fork seals.

    replace all the bushings, circlip, fork seal and dust seal looks like 15,17,18,19 and 22 get 2 of all for both forks
  14. lessthanevan

    how can i tell what year my YZ 250 is??

    or count the 10th digit if its a number say 1, its 2001. 2 its 2002 etc.
  15. lessthanevan

    Fork oil

    Yamaha recommends S1 oil. Over fill the fork a tiny bit and use a fork oil height gauge to get "true" level amount.