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  1. MotoPlastics

    A few plastic questions.

    What you can do is get all White, and go with the Red/White/Black graphics, this will give you basically the same look....
  2. MotoPlastics

    06 TE450 computer..no readout

    I recently had a friend of tell me his computer went blank, we ended up opening it up(there was no tamper proof glue, will not void warranty). We found that the flexible contact strip between the display panel and circuit board had quite a bit of debris. Cleaned it up with some alchohol and a lint free cloth and it is now as good as new. Save a trip to dealer and wait time... Craig
  3. MotoPlastics

    Rich or Lean? QUICK CHECK.............

    Hey Guys, After talkin with Cowboy Bob the other day I decided to check out my 05 TE450. I put in a 60 leak jet(was blocked), 42 pilot(was 55), and a 08 DV P needle(was a 08 DV R). The thing now brings the wheel up by just rolling on the throttle in 1st, 2nd, 3rd gear. Thanks again to Cowboy Bob, and Mark at Malcolm Smith. Can't wait to get it out in the dirt.. Craig
  4. MotoPlastics

    cemoto plastic blows

    Hey Guys, I did not realize the issues out there with these products. I will definitely forward this information to the manufacturer to see what they can do. Just any FYI, I do use these products myself and have not cracked or broke anything yet. Of course it could be that I'm not as adventuresome as most of you. Take care.
  5. MotoPlastics

    Husky Plastics

    I understand, will not do it again. Thanks
  6. MotoPlastics

    Husky Plastics

    Hi Jerry, I think I have what you need. Drop me an email at motoplasticsinfo@verizon.net. Updated site name is MotoPlasticsUS.com
  7. MotoPlastics

    Husky Plastics

    Hi Jerry, email me at MotoPlasticsInfo@verizon.net I do currently have radiator covers, side panels, and front fender in yellow for your bike. Rear fender should be coming in shortly...
  8. MotoPlastics

    Husky Plastics

    It is finally coming(order that is), should be available first part of next week. I know it has been a while since the last post but I hope this helps most of us who have the Husqvarna name. Mine has been great, a buddy of mine has done a number of mod's to his CRF450, mine is bone stock, and I have no trouble keeping up or going buy. These bikes are great.
  9. MotoPlastics

    Anbody have any 06 TC plastic for sale?

    I should have some of the 06 plastics sometime within the next two weeks. I have an order being processed and will see how many pieces come in. I assume you are looking for the red and white since you stated you wanted 06 for your 05....
  10. MotoPlastics

    Husky Plastics

    Just received the CEMOTO sample order, fit and color look great. I will be putting together an order this week and already have a couple request which I will be able to accomodate. I also have a request in to see about the likely hood of getting the RED plastics produced for the 00>04 models. Will keep you posted on this on as it was pointed out to me that the side panels and radiator covers are currently not available. If you would like to see an 05TE450 in CEMOTO blue plastics, I have fitted mine and have picture available. Just drop me an email and will send it on... Craig Moto Plastics U.S.
  11. MotoPlastics

    Husky Plastics

    There is a very good chance I will be making plastics available for a number of Husky models. I have been working with CEMOTO to get products to the U.S. I have a sample order placed to check the quality, but if all goes well I will place an order for different colors and models. I have been working on this for the last 3 months and have reached an agreement with CEMOTO. It is my intention to offer these products at the same web price as CEMOTO. If you have a special request, I will try to accomidate. I will post again when I am ready to place the order. Please email me at motoplasticsinfo@verizon.net if you have additional questions. I am a fellow Husky owner myself. 05TE450