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  1. If you have any experience using the 20" wheel on the CRF450, please give me input. Any modifications necessary?? How well does it work?? Is it interchangeble with my 06, and 07 both?? Anything else I need to know??? Thanks for your help.....
  2. If anyone has a stock head pipe for a 2004 crf450, that is still in good condition, I will pay a reasonable offer. You can contact me at motojones@cox.net to arrange the transaction. Thanks
  3. I am wondering about the general life expectancy of my 04 CRF450. I change the oil religiously, had a fresh piston/rings, and kibblewhite valves with ti springs and the general "freshen-up" put in at about the 75 hour mark. It now has about 110 hours on it, and I am wondering how long these bottom ends will last or any other failures to watch out for to avoid one of those "catostrophic" engine failures that I always hear about. My skill level is 30+ Nov, all motocross, and dont really ever hit the rev limiter or abuse it. Is it time to look at selling it soon to avoid a major $$$$$$ engine faiulure???