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  1. bromide

    Dead 250x

    Hellllllllllppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!! 04 250x, has a vortex ignition fitted, the electric start died on me whilst on a ride, stopped for a 5 min rest, then it wouldnt work again, not even turn it over (yes i had the clutch in), started first go with the kicker, then engine died on me about 30 mins later, then no go after that, recharged battery, now the electric leg turns it over, but no spark, replace plug and check fuses, replace vortex cdi with standard ignition - still nothing. Any ideas?
  2. bromide

    '04 250x won't turn over

    Hey, did you fix your problem? Mine is doing the same thing, happened on a ride and after stopping for a 5 min break the electric start wouldnt work (not even turn over), kick started first go, then 10 k's from home it just died at 100 k's an hour, Wouldnt start again, ive charged the battery and it now turns over with the electric start, but no spark by grounding the plug to the head, changed plugs, still no spark, put standard cdi back on (had a vortex ignition), still no good, checked wiring for shorts and fuses, has me stumped.