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  1. hart92

    Possibly Stolen KTM 250?

    checked it out,it's a 2007-08 ,and a 125 or 144.thats going by the picture in the ad.
  2. hart92


    thanks for part1, but ready for part2,please
  3. hart92

    09 250sx. Woods set up?

    my 2009 250sx set up for woods. suspension revalve for woods,sprung for my weight also.boyeson shokout handgrip system,gpr stabilizer,map switch button on bars,hand guards with the bonz mounting system,ee slave guard,rear brake line extender located on caliper(i ride my brake alot) also bleed rear brake before every race,flatland rear disc guard.ims 3.0 gallon tank,13/49 sprocket gearing and oring chain.i run the green power valve spring,with a hard parts ktm fmf pipe and ktm fmf silencer ,flatland off road skidplate,bullet proof designs radiator guards,and a rekluse clutch. my top three favorite mods are the suspension revalve, the rekluse clutch,gpr stabilizer.and a mod i feel was a waste of dollars was the map switch button on or off i've yet to feel a difference.
  4. hart92

    2009 or 2010 ktm 250sx

    wanted up to a 2011 with 2009 being the oldest i wanted to go,did'nt want to spend over $5000,could'nt find a 2011 nearby,and looked for several months.came across the 09 and 10 at the same time,had a good friend saying first he'd look at the 10 ($4500),it was bone stock and looked showroom new and he felt it would be and is a better performing bike. the 09($2500) was dirty in the photo's,but had some nice modifications done to it,called the guy and he seemed honest,and had the right answers to my questions.so i went there first and glad i did.the bike cleaned up great needs nothing and i rode it today and it has no problems at all.now i have $2500 left over to do whatever i want,and that makes me happy and more importantly the wife. thanks again
  5. hart92

    2009 or 2010 ktm 250sx

    thanks for the reply's, the 2009 is sitting in my shop,i felt it was the way to go between the two.now to start swapping parts off my 2007 and sell it,or maybe keep it also.
  6. hart92

    2009 or 2010 ktm 250sx

    is there a major difference between a 2009 to 2010 ktm250sx.i had the choice between the two,both look to be low hour bikes.the 2009 has the suspension revalved and sprung for my weight,fmf pipe,fmf slencer,map switch button on bars.chain and sprockets,brakes,air filter,bearings,tires all good.the 2010 is bone stock ,with everything being just as nice as the 2009.both also have clear titles,the 2009 is $2500 bottom dollar,the 2010 is $4500 and is pretty firm maybe a little flexable on price.i'm thinking its a no brainer and go for the 2009,is the 2010 a lot better than a 2009? i don't recall reading a major difference in handling/performance.thanks
  7. hart92

    2007 250sx clutch cover differences.

    nobody has any insight on this. just saw another similer question as mine. gmoss where you at?
  8. i have a 2007 250sx, i cracked the outer clutch cover. i jb welded and is holding fine. but i've been searching for another clutch cover to go ahead and replace it,and have found 2003-07 is same part# and is $48.02, then 2008 has a part# all its own and cost nearly twice the amount $95.54,and then 2009-11 has another part# and cost $48.02. my question is,what is the differences, is it just the stamped lettering on the covers? i'd like to put a newer style cover on if it's fitment is the same. i've always thought the 2003 to current 250 motors are the basically the same. thanks for any information
  9. hart92

    What's the best brand of premix to run?

    lucas oil semi synthetic at 40:1. get it at orielly's 7 days a week, for $6.00 a quart.
  10. hart92

    Air filter didn't seal properly DIRT PAST

    as stated before, take the seat off to make sure the filter is seated correctly. had this happen to me a couple months ago,i was debateing on what to do,as it still ran perfect,i plan on keeping my bike awhile and raceing it so i did a total rebuild. cylinder did have a few scratchs so it was sent to millenium with a new vertex piston kit for matching,new crank bearings,new rod and bearings,and a few other things. it cost about $700,but i know its good.
  11. hart92

    07 250sx

    down on power might have been the wrong wording. i think the horsepower figures were around 48-50 peak for all the 2007 250 two strokes, not positive though. but all the bikes had different ways of putting the power down. ive ridden plenty of yz's,and when ridden back to back with a stock ktm 250sx, the ktm does feel slow. not saying the ktm is slow it just gives you that feeling,which i think for me and most people is a good thing, i seem to be able to push it harder longer with plenty of confidence to pass people on supposedly better bikes.
  12. hart92

    07 250sx

    i have an 07 250 sx and i am very happy with it. no real problems with the bike,but when new they were considerd undersprung and slow,easy fixs. i weigh 190 lbs and put on a slavens progressive p8 shock spring,and put .46 fork springs in both with the stock valveing. i am an intermediate harescramble racer and a fast novice motocross rider and the suspension does me well. as far as the bike being down on power considerd to other 250 two strokes, it is true but i love the power output.my buddy has a 2009 yz250 two stroke and has riddem the sx, and says it handles well, but is slow feeling compared to his. the power is tuneable with two different ignition curves to choose from. also with 3 different power valve springs to choose from, but even set at most aggresive it still seems tame.a pipe change is suppose to help it out.as far as price goes here in kansas it is around a $2800 bike, but i wouldnt even think about letting mine go for that. good luck
  13. hart92

    Brake fluid and clutch question

    you can, but i'd follow the manual. 5.1 is better than 4.0. the covers information are not specific to your bike, the covers were manufactured in large quantitys long before your 2008 bike was, the manufacturer is going use them up than before produceing new covers with the correct information.
  14. hart92

    motor oil

    oil debate could go on forever! i currently use 10w40 fully synthetic lucas oil. $8.00 a quart at oreillys. used a few years with no issues. before that i used 15w40 rotella $11.00 a gallon at wal-mart used for probably 5 years ,no issues. before that for nearly 10 years in my two strokes i used 10w40 car oil, yes i know it doesnt have the correct ratings but i had no issues ever with it.only reason i got a little more picky on oils is when i went to four strokes,and was a little more concerned about it grenading.
  15. hart92

    2008 KTM XCF Value

    depends where you are at. my local shop has a nice used 08 450xcf for $3999 and i have seen a couple on craigslist for $3500. so $3000 trade in sounds about right, but i sure would'nt trade it in for that. sell it yourself,right now is a good time to sell.spring is almost here,and people are getting there income tax returns.