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  1. Wow, saw six pages and thought there would be a lot of interesting commentary on recent Beta 4t models. Instead it's a bunch of panties-in-a-bunch wailing about kick-starters. Oh well, cost me some wasted time…
  2. Remarksman

    Beta cross reference?

    This sounds like a great idea -- thanks, and for the suspension linkage info!
  3. Remarksman

    Own a Beta?

    Oh yeah! 2005 250RS
  4. My TurnTech 5A finally died. I installed it in June of 2009, so it worked for three years and three months. I see that the TurnTech.com web site now has some hilighted text at the bottom of the FAQ page about never letting the battery run down below 8 volts or "Permanent damage may occur." I think I probably did that on my TAT trip last summer: we made what I thought was going to be a two-minute stop, but my riding buddy and I ended up spending about twenty minutes there, after which I discovered I had left the DRZ "on" with the headlight on, and the battery was flat. I think ever since then the battery has probably been slowly losing performance, and another 5-minute stop with the headlight on a trip last week killed it for good -- it can now only survive a minute or so of leaving the headlight on, or else I have to push-start the bike. Anyway, I thought I'd drag this old thread back to the front, as it has some good info. I see that TurnTech has now changed to packaging the 5A battery in a standard Yuasa 7-series-sized box, but I think I'll probably order a new one from Joe. I guess I'll loose my nifty extra sparkplug storage area, but the weight savings is still there, and I've been impressed with Joe's customer service.
  5. Remarksman

    Beta Lovers Deal of the century 2012 450RR

    Oregon is one of the most difficult states to get a dirt bike plated in. Even if you find a cooperative local office of the Dept. of Motor Vehicles, if the MSO says "off road", the state has later sent letters to people saying, "Give back the plate."
  6. Remarksman

    Beta-Talk MIA?

    I did hear back from Chip: He says he can get me a tank, but he forgot to mention any price or other details. Also, he didn't address my question about beta-talk at all, I guess he must be busy!
  7. Remarksman

    Beta Lovers Deal of the century 2012 450RR

    Wish it was an RS! I'd be seriously scraping cash together if it was street legal.
  8. Remarksman

    Beta-Talk MIA?

    Hey HDR, That thread is looking pretty useful! I'm trying to find a larger gas tank for my 2005 250RS, and I thought I remembered one going by on the beta-talk Classified section -- not exactly cross-reference stuff, unfortunately. Mark, I sent off an email to Chip yesterday asking if he had any gas tanks or info, and mentioned beta-talk being out of action -- I'll post up here if he says anything about it when he replies.
  9. Remarksman

    Beta-Talk MIA?

    Ditto on that -- the home page gives a blank/empty page, and everything else gives 404.
  10. I want to replace my beaten Alpinestars Tech 6's with a new pair of TCX Pro 2.1s.
  11. Remarksman

    DRZ400S Tyre Pressures

    I have gone down to about 13 psi on the front with no problems with no rim locks, but with heavy-duty tubes. Of course, I push the pressure back up for the road, and I wouldn't run that low if I was going fast off road for the reasons Vegan listed above. Dented rims and pinch flats (where a rock pushes the tire and tube against the rim hard enough to flat the tube) are mostly a concern with the front, I haven't seen anyone get either one on the back. On the rear I worry more about the wheel spinning on the rim (without a rim lock) than the front, so the lowest I go on the back is about 15, and that's only if it's a gnarly trail and I'm worried about slipping. Usually run 18 for trail riding, 22 for gravel roads, and 25 for the highway. People who run 12 psi (and rim locks) will tell you that 15 or 18 is "way too high" but I get through the same trails and don't fall down much. Someday I'll get some rim locks and try it their way!
  12. Remarksman

    good starter bike?

    Can't believe no-one has mentioned Yamaha's XT225 (and the newer XT250) yet. My wife has one. They've got much lower seat height, but still a fair amount of suspension travel. The bike actually goes better on the highway than the DRZ thanks to a 6-speed gearbox with much wider ratios. The first gear is really low, which helps avoid stalling on trails. The other nice feature is that Yamaha has petcocks that you can actually turn off (unlike Suzuki's stupid vacuum one). As you're getting within a couple blocks of the house (or truck), you just turn the gas off. Let it run itself dry, and that way the bike stores well. This is a good feature, since my wife doesn't ride nearly as often as I do.
  13. Remarksman

    Install Rear Axle Backwards

    Bump for an interesting question... I don't see why it would make any difference, but maybe it does somehow.
  14. Remarksman

    What front tire will compliment a Kenda trackmaster rear

    I put a k777 front on at the same time as a TrakMaster II rear last summer. The TrakMaster was nice, but wore down fairly quickly (too quickly IMO). I like the k777 on pavement and off, and it is just now wearing out. I think I'll try an MT-21 on the front next, but another year might find me back to the k777.
  15. Remarksman

    Leatt Braces

    I don't have one yet, but my riding buddy does. They work great if you're wearing MX-type gear and the sun is shining, but you need to wear a jacket because it's raining or cold or you're on a dual-sport trip, they tend to conflict with jackets. You either buy a jacket specially designed for a brace, or you get rain all down your neck because you have to leave the jacket partly un-zipped, or you put the brace over the jacket, which means it won't work as well if you do crash. It's all just more money Unfortunatley there's not yet a wide selection of specially-designed jackets.