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  1. ChrisKoz

    New to area, need riding buddies

    I head to Blue Diamond about once a month. At 48, I know what you mean about riding buddies. I'll let you know next time I head up.
  2. ChrisKoz

    Any 40+ guys here?

    Just out of curiosity,what jumps do you roll and which ones do you hit? I prefer motocross to trails but I don't always feel confident jumping doubles/ triples, but always like the tabletops.
  3. ChrisKoz

    Any 40+ guys here?

    I'm 48. I have twin boys under 10 who are not big into riding. I took a break the last few years, life just seems to go like that. But I always knew I'd ride some years more than others. I'm on a YZ250f, which I love. I'll be at Blue Diamond a few Saturdays a month, and am always looking for riding buddies.
  4. ChrisKoz

    New Guy From MD have a few Questions

    I'm in Baltimore. Might be riding next week if anyone is interested. I am a teacher and have Spring Break, so maybe Weds?
  5. ChrisKoz

    CRF 50 Stalling

    That's great advice, I'll try that. I got it running but it feels rich. I backed out the idle screw about two turns, but any less and it won't start. I also noticed a lot of gas coming out of the bowl so I'm pretty sure when I put the carb back together I missed something on the float. I put the float over the needle along with the pin. Is there another piece that I dropped that works as a clip? Is it possible I put it in upside down? I'm getting close but I want to adjust the valves when I get this settled. Unfortunately I don't have the manual here. I may hang on to this bike so will probably need to find one. Thanks for the help.
  6. Let me start by saying how much I appreciate all the threads I have been reading on this topic, but I'm still not sure I found my answer. I am trying to fix my brother's 50 so my son can ride it it. It starts when fully choked, then dies immediately. When I turn the throttle it does not spring back very quickly at all. I took apart the carb and cleaned it, seemed okay but will probably do it again more thoroughly, as I suspect this is the problem. The bike will start and run when I spray it with starter fluid, but I can't find anyone run alongside me as I ride. Just kidding. I am wondering if the full intake on the carb is plugged, so will clean that, but am still wondering if this is a throttle issue. When I turn the throttle it pulls the spring over the needle that sits on top of the carb, but am not sure why it doesn't snap back. Any help is appreciated. Thank You
  7. ChrisKoz

    Excessive (?) YZ 250F smoking

    Thanks for the all the insight. I will check to see how it's routed. I've had the bike on the track and did not see any smoke so I'm guessing running the bike without moving much did not help it any. I'll look over the other suggestions as well, I just want to stay on top of everything with this bike.
  8. I was riding my 07 YZ 250F through the woods on some very tight single trail, I was actually cutting some trail and kept getting hung up on logs and brush. After about an hour I noticed there was a lot of smoke coming from the bottom of my engine. I gave it a rest for a few minutes, restarted it and got back on the main trail. Is this smoking normal? I realize it was a bit extreme and the engine was spinning a lot, but I don't remember seeing this on my old 2 strokes. Performance did not seem to be compromised but I am curious if this is something I should worry about. Thanks for any help or insight.
  9. ChrisKoz

    Easton Sold

    This was a message sent to me about it: Not closed! Open tomorrow! They may be revamping each track one-at-a-time, but they are open. Go here for updates: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Speed-Citi/256457694471145 Lets hope they stay open.
  10. ChrisKoz

    Would You Sign Stewart?

    He's a competitor and people watch him,whether he wins or not. As long as he gets shows on Fuel and media coverage, he's a good investment. Anna Kournikova got a Sports Illustrated cover without winning a single major tennis tournament. Don't think the people making her skirts or rackets dropped her for losing. He's good for the sport and good for the sponsors. Maybe he's the guy behind the curtain running Thumpertalk and this is all an attempt keep the site active.
  11. ChrisKoz

    Pine Barrens

    You gotta put up a picture of this, sounds very cool.
  12. ChrisKoz

    Blue diamond Thursday anyone?

    Is anyone going up mid week? Thursday is the only day I can't do this week.
  13. ChrisKoz

    Blue diamond Thursday anyone?

    We have spring break next week so I may be able to go on thursday. I'm a teacher in Baltimore City.
  14. ChrisKoz

    Snakecreek 3/31

    Maybe I could do that next week during spring break. So it looks like I'm trekking to Pa Saturday!
  15. ChrisKoz

    Delaware Snakecreek 3/31

    Anyone heading up to Snakecreek this weekend? I have a new to me yz250f I am anxious to break in. My riding buddies are doing trails this weekend and I am not sure if I want to make the long trek. Thanks