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  1. I am looking to buy new forks and a left radiator if anyone has them. I also want to know what year models might fit a 2002 yz250f. Thanks for any help. Isaac . Also I buy and sell motorcycles so if you are anywhere near the North Bay I have the hook up.
  2. I just assembled my new Athena 290 and put 3 new intake valves in. I am curious if it is better to be on the loose side of spec, tight or dead in the middle. One of them is a little over spec. Loose is .2 and it is at .22 Thanks for your help.
  3. motoIman

    Athena Big Bore Jetting & Pipe

    What about the clip position?
  4. motoIman

    Athena Big Bore Jetting & Pipe

    I was just told that athena may have changed the piston they were using and that is why there is only 2 ring slots. I guess I am just going to use it the way it is, unless someone has a big objection. Athena did not provide a configuration for the ring gaps. Should I go with the stock settings in my manual?
  5. motoIman

    Athena Big Bore Jetting & Pipe

    I must have got the wrong piston. I only have two ring slots and all five rings will not fit.
  6. motoIman

    Athena Big Bore Jetting & Pipe

    What about the ring? I started to put my cylinder and head back together and I see that there is 2 ring slots and I have 5 rings. Do you know the configuration. It seems that one of the rings will not be used. Let me know Thanks Isaac
  7. What is the best set up for this combination of parts for my jetting, clip, and air mixture? Anybody out there have expirience with this? Also with a quiet core what do I need to change? Some times I ride track and don't use the core and other times I have to have it for the trails. Thanks for the help.
  8. Anyone have tips for getting a 2002 yz250f dialed in after installation of an Athena 290 big bore with a big gun pipe?