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  1. ABrocket

    cam chain tensioner help

    claychecking is a pain, but necessary when dealing with timing changes .020 is pretty tight. make sure you have new springs and cam chain at a MINIMUM. if not hd springs.
  2. ABrocket

    Engine Ice

    ^^you are using a VERY simplified assumption. you have to consider both the conductive and convective heat transfer for both the coolant and the oil. it involves logarithmic differentials and a series of combinations for both cases, both of which I am not willing to get into. run the real math. where is the most heat generated? obviously in the c.c. the collant is responsible for removing the initial heat created from the comb process, however, what cools the rest...and the majority...of the associated engine components?...where there are no water jackets. the oil in my experience...on the dyno, these engines start to heat soak and make less power with temps over ~190
  3. ABrocket

    DID 520VT narrow t ring chain

    no spacer is reqd on an 07. I now use this chain almost exclusively with great luck. it had a small amount of initial strech when new....like almost every chain out there. but after that, I have not needed to adjust after every ride, like other chains I have tried before. you can get a clip link if you so desire, but it should come with a rivet(no clip) master link. hope this helps.
  4. ABrocket

    Japan national champ pics

    but the feed back system and the associated parts are not.
  5. ABrocket

    Japan national champ pics

    they are open loop systems. no 02 sniffer. they can only adjust to a point......then after that remapping is required
  6. ABrocket

    Clutch Springs?

    do not use Barnetts. their coefficient is around half of the stockers. use new stockers .....or for more pressure...use 3 cr500 springs, but probably not needed. and the d-s are great too. they will have less heat fade than the stockers and the tusks are cheap and many use them with no problems.
  7. ABrocket

    Woods Proof CRF450R

    Showtimextx, where in alberta are you and where do you regularily ride? everyone above pretty much covered it. I just got a new 07 and am in the same process of doing the above.
  8. ABrocket

    loudest exhuast?

    step 1: cut off header. 2: buy a a few feet of steel braided flexi hose and attach to head 3: route the hose up and into your helmet. if you are trying to loose your riding area and give all offroaders a bad name, there are faster ways to do it. you are mistaken. you are infact an id!0t completely and utterly irresponsible