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  1. The NOMADS will meet at Ken's coney in Ortonville at 11:30. After lunch we will take a spin, probably end up at a cider mill. All are welcome to ride with us. See Ya
  2. The NOMADS will be out in force this Sunday !! Well not sure how many, but there will be a ride. If my driveway is dry at 7:30 , I'm heading to breakfast. I think we were ridding a bit to fast for our last few NEW guys that showed up ( they haven't been back). Oh well? Maybe we can show some more new guys our favorite mud hole. See Ya, Jeff
  3. The NOMADS will attend the Ortonville Bike Nite this Friday. Last year there were about 25 Dual Sports there. Did I mention lots of Harley's too. We will meet around 6:00 or 6:30 in downtown Ortonville. If you have questions call Jeff at 248-494-2112. See Ya, Jeff
  4. The NOMADS meet at Ken's coney in Ortonville, Mi. Sunday mornings at 8:00 am. We ride mostly dirt roads with a little single track, and some two track as well. All are welcome to join us on our rides. The coney is located at 100 S. Ortonville Rd. If you have questions call me at 248-494-2112. See Ya, Jeff Cole North Oakland Moto Active Dual Sports
  5. The NOMADS will meet in Ortonville at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday. Ken's coney is the place, right next to the CHEVROLET dealer on M-15. All are welcome to ride with us.
  6. We Dualsport the back roads, with a couple trail sections. The group has riders from all over the Detroit area.
  7. NOMADS will meet at 8:00 a.m. in Ortonville at the coney. All are welcome to join us. July is already over, when are you going to RIDE ?
  8. The NOMADS will be meeting 8:00 at the coney in Ortonville. Don't let that yard work get in the way, GO RIDING !
  9. The weather looks good for Sunday. Meet time is 8:00 at the coney in Ortonville.
  10. Ken's coney in Ortonville, just south of Grange Hall and M-15.
  11. We have group meeting Monday 5-28-07 at 8:00 am. Everyone is welcome to ride with us.
  12. Come back next weekend and do it again. Everyone is welcome to ride with us. You can park at my place, if you want to trailer your bike. See Ya, Jeff
  13. Should be a good group this weekend. Meet time is a 8:00 am, at the coney. See Ya, Jeff
  14. It looks like we will be doing the Damn ride this Sunday. Meeting time is 8:00am, at Ken's coney in Ortonville. I think there should be a good turnout for this ride. See Ya, Jeff
  15. E Z Rider, If you need anything to make your bike legal, go to www.sicassracing.com. These guys can do it all. They are located in Clarkston, Mi. Watch this site for NOMADS Sunday morning rides. We do 60 to 80 miles of dualsport with a little single track thrown in. Just so you have a reason to wash your bike when you get home. See Ya, Jeff Cole