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  1. Just curious what opinions people have on this subject. I have a very clean and well mantained 06 CR450. I mostly ride trails and unfortunately dont ride enough. I've been thinking about getting something that I can occasionaly ride on the street, but suites my trail riding style a little better. A friend of mine has 2002 KTM 520 MXC with a dual sport conversion kit. That he is interested in trading. The bike is very clean and runs great, but I really dont know much more than that. From a cost standpoint, I believe my bike is worth a little more than his, any thoughts on what a fair trade would be? Thanks in advance.
  2. bones88

    How much time does shimming valves buy you?

    I just checked the valves on my 06 tonight, my right appears to be tightening up also. could not get an 006 feeler in but the 005 seemed to be a bit loose. I wonder if having the right side tighten up is common on this year. I planned to keep riding an checking it for now. The bike has sat for a few months and took about 30 kicks to get going, so I got nervous and checked. The valves are still in spec, so I am thinking it just may be old gas, but am worried about my valves too. I have been taking crap from all my buddies about valves and for two years have not had a problem, but ... may be eating some crow:)
  3. bones88

    Reliability these days???

    I purchased a used 06 in Feb of 07. It had very low hours with the original tires still in good shape. I have checked the valves twice both time in spec. The bike will start usually in 3 kicks or less cold. I was really nervous about buying it with all the rumors I had heard. I do change the oil and clean the filter regularly. It is without a doubt the most incredible bike I have ever owned. I rode a new 08 yz 450 last week and was really disappointed with the power of the bike. You will love the honda.
  4. bones88

    Ooozing out the exhaust

    Good suggestion. I will check out their jetting recommendationst. Thanks again everyone.
  5. bones88

    Ooozing out the exhaust

    Thanks for the replies. I use Klotz oil. The oil runs right out of the exhaust outlet down the bottom of the silencer and drips on the frame and swing arm. I found a good thread on jetting and am not opposed to tearing into it more. My kid also does not ride it hard enough yet, so that may help when he gets more comfortable. Sounds like I am not the only one to have this issue, so for now maybe I will be happy and ride it. Probably cleanning out and repacking the silencer makes sense though. Thanks Again.
  6. bones88

    Ooozing out the exhaust

    I just purchased a used 01 RM 125 for my son. It starts and runs great, has never fouled a plug, but oil from the exhaust end runs out all over the swing arm and makes a mess. It does smoke a lot, but again it does not foul the plug. I mix it at 36:1, and was just wondering if I should worry about this or just keep riding and be happy. Thanks in advance for any help.
  7. Hey Delta41, finally got her back together. Looking good dude. Interested in getting it dirty?
  8. Good suggestion. Sounds like you may need to keep those plugs for the troops, so they don't have to hear you yell. Thanks for the offer, you made me laugh.
  9. Thanks for the offer, but I do kind of like the bling. THe bike sounds incredible on the pipe, but like I said is a little loud. I was just curious of my options or if anyone had experience with this. Sounds like I should just ride the bike and enjoy it.
  10. I actually thought about the ear plugs, but could not afford to pass them out to all the neighbors. Thanks for the tip though!
  11. bones88

    Choose One

    My bike came with the 4.1 system and powerbomb header. Not sure what the stock setup is like, but this bike really runs great, smooth on the bottom and rips in the mid range and top. My only complaint is that it is a bit loud. For MX I guess it is okay, but for trail riding I want to figure out a more quiet option.
  12. I purchased a used 06 450 last month and love the bike. It came with an FMF powerbomb header and 4.1 silencer. He did not have the stock exhaust anymore, so I have no way of knowing how the bike ran stock. I was wondering if there was a way to make this exhaust more quiet. It is too loud for trail riding. I do not see any special inserts specific for this model, so I was wondering if my only option was to purchase a different muffler? Thanks in advance for your response.
  13. Do most riders put the grease around the seal between the airfilter or is good oil enough.
  14. Thanks for the welcome. It is always fun to surf this site and read up on the bikes. It can be pretty entertaining at times!
  15. I have been reading Thumpertalk for years now and have enjoyed being a spectator. I did something this week I thought I would never do(Being a former yamaha faithful) I bought used 06 CRF450R. After a quick check of everything took my first spin on the bike Saturday and all I can say is WOW! I am still learning the new bike and reading all that I can about it, but this forum helped me with the decision. Thanks!