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    i'd either try another battery or use a battery charger with a start feature hooked to the battery while its in the machine and try to start it, if it works then its the batter if not go further, pull back the rubber book covering the power terminal on your starter and be sure you are getting full current to it, if you are then you need a new starter or rebuild it, other wise keep reading, then using either a continuity tester or voltage tester, test light, what have you check to be sure you have volts on the switched side of the solenoid when you push the button, if it doesnt flow current then that is the problem, if none of that works consider taking it to a shop to have the wiring looked at
  2. jadedracing

    400EX question

    just watch snow getting packed around the engine as it will act like an insulator and not let air flow which sounds contradictory as snow is cold but hey eskimos built igloos right, if your situation calls be sure your jetting is right for the cold weather, as for the snow balls i dont know what that dude is talking about, you could suck in snow flakes and never know, you just dont want to suck in alot of water at once because it wont compress and depending on your rpms (low it may stall, high rpms-its too late) will definatly tear up a motor.
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    smoking situation

    you most likely have a problem in the top end, if that motor is original, which it wouldnt surprise me, i'd do a bore and piston, gaskets and valve seals, if it started doing it all at once i'd look at gaskets and valve seals, normally and i mean normally a worn piston starts smoking gradually to where its really bad over time and sometimes not until its warmed up
  4. jadedracing

    good sounding pipe

    guys i believe most of you have heard of the pulse chargers, i have been a dealer of them since they started and it took even me some convincing but the quads we have installed them on and tested have done 2 things that are worth looking at, 1 they increase horsepower overall, not just on the top, mid, what have you, 2 they are not annoyingly loud, they have a deeper tone thats fairly quiet. Lesson learned you do not have to be loud to have power, we put on lots of different kinds of exhausts and i can tell you that i have seen more gain on the P/C than most of the really loud ones, what someone above said about the guys racing then ending up in the boondocks riding later on that week is very true, most racers practice somewhere right