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  1. dudegetabike

    KLX300 Busted case options, swap with 250?

    Thanks for the offer but I ended up grabbing a right side case off a 2006 klx250 ($150 shipped). Split the case and boom! She fits! Now I just need to get the idler gear and a gasket kit and I'll be ready to ride come springtime. While I'm at it, it seems like the kickstart idler wobble has no real fix, but some folks said they put additional shims in to limit how far the wobble can go. Anyone had any bad experience with this? I plan to order some extra shims when get the new gear to tighten it up a bit for peace of mind after the build.
  2. dudegetabike

    KLX300 Busted case options, swap with 250?

    I appreciate the help. This opens up alot of options for a case. If I end up buying a 250 case I'll post up the results.
  3. dudegetabike

    KLX300 Busted case options, swap with 250?

    Awesome, Thanks! So I guess I have to decide between case half's or a complete bottom end. Hopefully the guts of the 300 will fit the 250 case. I suppose I could spend some "quality time" with the parts-fiche.
  4. Hello all. Its been a while since I was on TT, sold the bikes when the kids came along. Now that they are older, I am getting back into it and teaching them as well. I bought an 04 klx300 that was super clean with the exception of the idler gear wedging and breaking the case (but hey it was only $700). the 300 cases seem to be in shorter supply on the ebay, and new ones are outrageously priced. I scoured the back pages and found one thread that discussed the interchangeability between the 250 and 300 case. Sorry if I missed a better one, I spent a couple hours looking so as not to get the immediate "use the search feature" reply. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/892411-klx300-rebuild/?hl=case#entry9286955 I was hoping some folks could chime in on this that may have some experience. By what I can find on this forum, a 94-95-96 klx250 case should accept the 300 cylinder. Should the innards swap over too? Later models won't clear the cylinder bore but it seems that the guts do fit. Simple machining should solve this then right? I would assume that the 2006 and later models would be a no go since they were electric start. Would it be close enough if I just blocked off the starter hole? Or should I just wait for ebay to alert me that a 300 case is up? Thanks in advance!
  5. dudegetabike

    98 KLX300 Idler Gear

    Any Updates on this? I just picked up an 04 with a busted case (kick start gear bound up). 300 right side cases are hard to find but there are plenty of 250 cases out there. Kawasaki shows different part numbers but that is for both sides so I wonder if its close enough to use. anyone tried this? 250 case on a 300?
  6. dudegetabike

    New TTR250 Graphics Question

    check out xgx graphics. They make all of their graphics to fit the ttr250. I ordered the mech series and was happy with the looks. they bubble a bit, but good luck finding an aftermarket set that doesn't. Plus I was very pleased to find out that when you called their phone number you got a real live person! Very friendly service and they said they could make a gripper seat cover if I sent my seat in for a template. I tried to order enjoys graphics but after about four months of emails and phone calls, after rthe fact I had already given them my credit card # to process, I recieved no reply from ANYONE who worked there and gave up on them. I would highly recomend not wasting my time at enjoymfg.com as they are a sorry excuse for a company.
  7. dudegetabike

    who has a ttr 250 lowering link?

    I was going to shave the seat a little but I don't want to make it any more "U" shaped than it already is. If you lower the rear link in conjunction with raising the forks in the clamps the geometry should be pretty close. Besides, if we were that worried about suspension geomtry we wouldn't be riding a TTR, we would be on a yz or a WR. If anyone has a kouba link installed I would greatly appreciate a reply on what the length is. Thanks!!
  8. dudegetabike

    who has a ttr 250 lowering link?

    So Iv'e decided to lower my wife ttr a bit until she gets a better grasp on how to manuver it. I looked at the kouba links and they're a bit pricy. I have acces to enough tools to manufacture one but it would be nice if anyone who had one could measure one from center of hole to center of hole. Then I would have a good place to start. Thanks a bunch!
  9. dudegetabike

    99 yz 250 kickstarter killing my foot

    Tried moving it on the splines. Didn't help. With the 05 kicker did you need to replace the base as well or did the kicker fit the same. Is it longer, or at a different angle, or with more offset? Also, correction, the bike is a 2000 model not a 99.
  10. My dad just bought a 99 yz 250 2 stroke. Loves his bike but hates the kickstarter. The kicker is set up so when you kick it down it puts your foot into the foot peg(ouch!) We tried welding on an extension to it so you could kick it off to the side and miss the peg but it bent over the first kick and we cut it off. There has got to be someone else whose been pissed off by this and I'm hoping you've found a solution. Does anyone make a different style kickstarter? Thanks for any help you can give.