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  1. Gday , i need to check the clearances on the intake and exhaust valves but i dont have a manual so i have no specs could someone let me know what they are please , also if there is a spec on the cam chain tensioner regarding how far out it is once removed , i removed it yesterday and it was out about 6 clicks . which was less than halfway. any help would be great, hopeing to get this sorted a.s.a.p. Cheers Hey Charger.
  2. Hey Charger

    2000 TE610 Advice Needed

    Thanks , how much should the cam chain tensioner be out though , how much is too much for eg: over 3/4" or under ????? there would be a spec does anybody no it ??
  3. Hey Charger

    2000 TE610 Advice Needed

    g'day everyone , this is my first which i guess makes me a virgin no more Where i need your help is that i am about to buy a 2000 TE610 , which is in good condition but it has done 3125 miles, it has had always been serviced and looked after but nothing has been changed in the motor ,so what is the life expectancy of one of these bikes meaning mileage, how much can you get out of - *piston *rings *cam chain *cam *valve guides *oil pump * and so on. im mainly concerned about the motor and its internals , and i know i can check the cam chain tensioner to check cam stretch but i dont know how far out is too far for the plunger when i remove it ?? Does someone know this spec ?? and can anyone give me there opinion please regarding this model bike and advice on things to check and be cautious of . Thank You Hey Charger.