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  1. DAVEDRZ400S

    03 rm 250

    Thanks for the input I am still looking for a motor with out breaking the bank I havent messed around with 2 strokes for awhile My current ride is a Husky TE510 So what mods should I look at doing to the bike as I move forward with the project
  2. DAVEDRZ400S

    03 rm 250

    I am trying to reserect a bike that has no motor. it is my winter project.
  3. DAVEDRZ400S

    03 rm 250

    I have an 03 rm 250 that I need to find a complete motor for! I live in WA state any suggestions? I would like to set up the bike for NW woods riding and racing. I currently do the NMA offroad series.
  4. DAVEDRZ400S

    Any local riders racing this weekend?

    results have not been posted yet will post when available we three rider in the event they said course was good but had alot of dust
  5. DAVEDRZ400S

    More legislative lies

    emails sent
  6. DAVEDRZ400S

    Any local riders racing this weekend?

    A couple of us from Snohomish are going to be there leaving early saturday morning
  7. I am also looking at a swingarm mod my idea is to plug the threaded end of the swing arm bolt put a zerk in the open end drill holes thru bolt in the center of each bearing and milling a groove into each bushing with a hole to align with hole in swing arm bolt do you think this would get grease to the bearings
  8. I have been thinking about doing this mod also I did some research and found a bearing with 2 seals and oil hole in it have not ordered it yet but my local bearing supplier can get it part # hk20202rsa1 this is the same INA bearing but with hole price was $13.25
  9. DAVEDRZ400S

    euro 3 parts

    thanks for the info do you know how to do the wiring mods?
  10. DAVEDRZ400S

    euro 3 parts

    looking for euro 3 parts i have an 2007 te510 need rear fender and does anyone make a slip on exhaust? because at last week ends cowbell isde i launched by bike lastmanstanding style up a 8-10 foot bank if you were there you probably now what i am talking about!
  11. DAVEDRZ400S

    07 Te 510 Exhaust

    thanks for the feed back i am considering your exh mod but do you think it would be better to trim of from the front to retain the printed words on the muffler that state that it has a usfs spark arrester ps yes i fall in to the category of needing to loose a few lbs myself
  12. DAVEDRZ400S

    07 Te 510 Exhaust

    great post! have you been sound tested by any rangers since if so what were your final results on sound as this is a concern for me as well i am not after a louder exh but one that looks better and increases performance
  13. DAVEDRZ400S

    07 Te 510 Exhaust

    this may have already been asked and answered what is the best aftermarket exh for my te 510 that has a spark arrester? the stock exh works just fine but looking to spice up the look of my bike and maybe loose a little wait
  14. DAVEDRZ400S

    NMA points standings...sandbaggers?

    why do they not post all the race results for each event? if these events are sanctioned by the nma all results should be posted would this not make it easier to see who wins each class? would this not add some accountabilty?
  15. DAVEDRZ400S

    Reiters Anonymous Meeting

    where are going to stage from? lower (squid) pit or upper pit were the 24hr was staged from?