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    Not happy with DJ kit

    I've been around the DR650 for awhile and maybe I can help. What exhaust and air filter are you using? I have a FMF Q, K&N filter with prefilter, JE High Compression Piston and Dyno Jet Kit. I'm using the 160 main but I would like to try a 165 main jet. Needle is at top with washer. Air screw is about 1 1/2, but I adjust it often due to weather and attitude. My slide is drilled also and I have an IMS gas tank. I run this setting because it gives me the best on and off throttle condition. If you would tell me about your bike and how you ride, I may be able to help. I've owned three DRs, riding a 04 with $2500 in parts,let me know if you think I can help,Ray