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  1. sounds to me like he is trying to stick it to ya. if rod problems ask him for a copy of the technical service bulliten that says that. anytime there is a common problem with a certain model the manufacturer sends the dealers a T.S.B. technical service bulliten
  2. mine is from the time its started on. it is a full time noise. if it were a car i would guess a lifter was stuck.
  3. halftimer

    98 400 runs so lean bike wont idle down?

    thanks for the help i work the swing shift and this is my weekend so i wont be able to check into it till monday. i will keep ya posted thanks again
  4. halftimer

    98 400 runs so lean bike wont idle down?

    well there is only the air mixture screw in front of the main. there is a small jet on the left and right and they are significantly different in design so i am stumped???? Also which way are my intake intake valves most likely to be tight or loose???
  5. mine has the same sound. i always thought it was normal because a friend had a blaster that was new and it made the same noise. shop told him that without water jackets you can actually hear the ignition of fuel in the cylander? of course i know ours has water jackets but i just considered maybe 1: higher compression than a blaster 2: poor jetting (still workin on that one) or 3: low octane gas??
  6. anyone else have this problem and fixed it? or have any idea how i could fix it? it has done this since i bought it. also which of the two jets on either side of the main is the pilot??? thanks
  7. halftimer

    stock pipe slipon gasket trouble

    thanks. does that come with a mid pipe? or is it all one piece?
  8. I ordered the gasket and clamp cause the bike I bought didnt have anything there. where the slipon meets the headpipe. how the heck do you make that gasket fit???? is there a trick? that thing is twice as thick as the clearance between the two? anyone have any input or an alternative???
  9. halftimer

    a couple yz400 questions

    its sort of like a high speed rattle. sounds as if the cam chain slider is worn out or like all the valves are out of adjustment. but I have checked the valves and buttoned the top back up and it still makes the noise??? I didnt really look at the cam chain while I was in there. it makes me unsure to load up and go ridding just to get out and grenade the motor.
  10. well I have a slight noise in the top end and was wondering does this bike have a comon problem I need to check first? its a 98 yz 400 f. I read somewhere about cam chain problems whats the fix for that? also what different bikes plastics will cross with this bike. I want new plastic and a graphic kit but there arent many choices for mine. will the 426 or 450 plastic work??? thanks
  11. halftimer

    Electric Cooling Fan On A Yz400f

    you also might try replacing your coolant with this http://www.evanscooling.com/main3.htm A lot of guys with big 4x4 quads on other forums are using it with good results. because of the radiator being plugged with mud it makes it less efficient so they would know. my 2cents
  12. halftimer

    decomp lever at head question

    Well looks like i am tearing into it then cause it moves as if my imaginary friend was pulling the cable over and over.... I just bought a manual on ebay so i can get all the specs right. thanks for all the help
  13. halftimer

    decomp lever at head question

    thanks for the help. it rocks back and forth, so I will be checking the breather tube this weekend. what about the noise? could the valves really be that loose or is a slight clatter normal. reason I ask is a friend has a blaster he bought used and after searching, replacing piston, wrist pin, and bearings we found out that the top end normally clatters on this motor cause there is no water jackets insulating it. I know mine it water cooled, just not sure what is normal. thanks again
  14. this is my first 4 stroke bike and I have was wanting to know.... my decomp lever down on the head moves constantly while the motor is running. is this normal?? also there is a slight clatter in the top end, I assumed it was this lever moving back and forth is that normal or should i tear into it and find out?? the bike is a 98 yz 400 f thanks
  15. halftimer

    newbi with 98yz400

    are the valves tappet or shim? and will the 450 cam mod work on mine. I found a link searching on here to a site that gave detailed instructions but the oldest in reference is like 2000? I also wanted to know if there were any typical probs to watch out for. thanks