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  1. lorenzo46

    what am I doing wrong?

    I am obviously new to the industry, so I am looking for some advice. I posted my bike on the classifieds here (http://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=16978&sort=1&cat=all&page=1[/url]) but received no calls or e-mails. am I doing something wrong? I need the money to pay for a surgery, if anybody could give me advice on how to change my ad in order to attract more interest, I would really appreciate it.
  2. lorenzo46

    confused...classifieds replies??

    LOL, for everybody's safety here's the actual e-mail: "Hello, My client saw your advert placed on www.thumpertalk.com and informed me that i should make more enquiries about the sales of the bike i will like you to know that my client is well satisfied with the advert price and present condition of the bike. I will like you to know that my client needs this bike fast so to buy it from you cos the bike is needed to shoot a film in canada which you will be invited to view the film in canada the ticket will ticket will be provided by the film industry.I will like to know if you will accept a cheque for payment if yes pls get back to me with the informations below so that the cheque can be send to you in the first class mail.so i will like you to mail me this informations below for the payment to be send to you asap.Also my client have already arranged for the shipping company that will come for the picking up of the bike and do the papper work too. NAME TO BE WRITTEN ON THE CHEQUE...................... ADDRESS WHERE TO SEND THE CHEQUE TO..................... mobile phone numbers................... ASKING PRICE............................. I will be looking forward to here from you soon so that my client can tell the shipping company to be ready and come for the shipment of the bike as soon as you recieve the cheque.Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. Engineer david woods"
  3. lorenzo46

    confused...classifieds replies??

    and the reply (3 of them) came almost immediately after I posted the ad. almost like an automated reply.
  4. I posted my bike for sale in the classifieds and I am getting a weird reply from somebody that claims he wants to buy it as fast as possible to shoot a movie in Canada...blah, blah, blah. is this a scam? as anybody heard of this before I can post the actual reply if needed.