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  1. RV8Pilot

    BMW G 650 X challenge, just got one!

    I was at my dealer a few weeks ago and complained about how hard the rear suspension was with the level bubble set properly. He said there will be a bulletin released from BMW regarding how the level is set wrong and if you pump the shock up to the point of level you have way to much air in the system. He suggested that I pump it only to the point of where the bubble moves to the front of the level when I am on the bike.
  2. RV8Pilot

    BMW G 650 X challenge, just got one!

    Since I sold my Husky TE 250 last week I too am thinking of the G 650 Challenge or a Husky TE610. I found myself doing more dirt roads and single track than the tight woods that the little Husky was great for. Screaming along at 8 grand doing 55 mph is no fun! I plan on doing the Trans-am trail in Sept. so I need something pretty comfortable but capable off road especially when I hit the CO portion of the ride. Do those who have the G650's, do you think the bike is comfortably capable of single track trail riding of that sort? The street capability is not an issue but the off road stuff is in my mind. I have just the opposite feelings about the Husky TE6510, capable in the dirt but on the road maybe less so. J
  3. Just got a call from my dealer in N. NJ that my TE510 is in and it's the last one they are getting for '06
  4. RV8Pilot

    Drz 400 Vs Te 450

    I went from a DRZ400E with a Baja Kit and the suspension setup by WER for the woods. It was a great trail bike but the balance over whoops was really nose heavy and picking it up after I went down was taking it's toll on my 53 yr old back . I then bought my TE 250 and bone stock rode it over the same sections that I rode the DRZ and I can't believe the difference. Light, balanced, and fast! I spent probably close to $600 upgrading the DRZ and it comes no where close to the Husky. I even think that the speed is very close although I had the DRZ really geared down for the woods and would top out around 60. J
  5. RV8Pilot

    2006 TE-450 Leadtime

    My TE250 is number 00001
  6. RV8Pilot

    leak jet

    Yes, tank is off, so is the breather hose, the black plastic protector, the starter battery cable, dealer enabled the a/p.......the reason why I think a hand adjustable fuel valve would save my sanity Thanks for the input!
  7. RV8Pilot

    leak jet

    I have a TE250 which I have just installed a JD jet kit but while I have everything apart I am thinking of installing the leak jet. Has anyone installed one while the carb is still on the bike? It seems quite tight to get the float bowl off even with the carb rotated as far as the cables will allow it to go. Do you have to remove the a/p before removing the bowl or does it just come off with the bowl? I could also use some fuel screw recommendations as I really don't want to have to take everything apart again just to adjust the fuel screw. Thanks Jody
  8. RV8Pilot

    Gps Mounts

    The only problem I have with the RAM mounts (and I use one for my gps in my plane with a suction cup which works great!) is that it uses the standard Garmin plastic mount between the RAM mount and the GPS. I broke mine on the LA-Barstow-Vegas run one year and lost the GPS when I dropped the bike on some rocks. I was in such a hurry to get the bike up and going again I didn't even notice the gps was missing until I was about 4miles down the trail Too late to oppose traffic to get to it, some lucky bastard walked away with a new Garmin GPS V that day
  9. RV8Pilot

    Gps Mounts

    Touratech, it's the only mount that has vibration dampners in it. I have used mine with my GPS V for years with no ill effects. Find them here; http://www.touratech-usa.com/shop/navigation.lasso?SubCat=GPS_Mounts&-session=touratech:0A97D79302D18C78848EE847AAF3E634 Touratech MvG Mount for Garmin GPS III & V Part Number: 065-0035 $145.40 MvG style is the only hope if you want to run the GPS on its internal batteries on a single cylinder motorcycle. Similar to 065-0022 but with super-suspension. Holds powercord G10085 or GC12V. Hardwire is still the best way. If battery power is required for your application, we further recommend taping the batteries as on battery tips. Internal vibration modification of GPSIII/V is not required with this mount, even for 2-stroke use.
  10. RV8Pilot

    Skid Plate- What would you do?

    Ordered my Uptite and it was shipped the other day, I should have it by Monday. Yippee, I can then go play in the rocks!
  11. RV8Pilot

    First miles - 06 TE-250

    Great idea using the bolt. I tried using an old dental pick but was afraid I might rip the o-ring without a replacement at hand. I too felt and saw flakes of something on the bolt covering the front screen, but decided not to repeat the lock-tite usage when I reassembled it. I pulled the sidestand bolt out and tomorrow I am going to try and find a regular head replacement for it so the sidestand won't retract on it's own. I don't trust it the way it is now with the engine running. it might be hard to find a bolt with a shoulder that is raised enough and with the proper thread size, but I hate the way it is now. BTW, anyone have a problem with the graphics almost floating away when you wash the bike? Mine are starting to peal away already
  12. RV8Pilot

    First miles - 06 TE-250

    I too put the first miles on my new TE250 this past Friday. My ride on the street lasted all of about 1/2 mile before it was into the woods for 35 miles. I wound up with 2.4 hrs on the meter. My trans is now shifting very smoothly and the suspension has softened up significantly, so much in fact that what I originally thought was too hard of a rear spring now turns out to be slightly too soft! Cold starts are not an issue at all, hot starts a little tougher even using the hot start button. I found the seat to be more comfortable than my old DRZ-e seat. Not something I would like to do the Iron Butt on but not bad for the time I spent on Friday. The biggest surprise for me was the power...WOW! I kept the revs under 6k for the first 2 hrs and then I cracked it in 2nd-5th gear....man, when those revs go over 6.5k look out. This thing comes alive and puts my old 400 DRZ on the trailer! Very impressive and addicting Amazing the power you can get out of a 250 now a days, oops, showing my age I guess I changed my oil on Saturday but I can't remove the forward screen. I remove the plug but the screen is stuck inside. I tried to use a small pick to dislodge it but I couldn't. I have to wait until Tuesday to call the dealer for ideas. It looks like the small o-ring is keeping it from coming out and I probably could pull it out but I know the o-ring will be damaged. If anyone has any advice I would love to hear it.
  13. RV8Pilot

    Husky US site has some new goodies

    I just picked up my TE250 on Thursday and had a real chuckle reading the translations in the manual. Kind of reminds me of the Japanese bike manuals in the 60's. They may not be able to translate well but they sure know how to build a great bike!