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    Valve Problem

    Ok, I'm not trying to offend you guys. Maybe I'm not coming across the right way, and I'm not being understood. I'm saying if I take it to the dealership, they will only replace the one valve to fix the problem. They say they have done the recall. They put punch marks above and below the VIN number to show that it's been done. My bike does have the punch marks, so I don't think I have any way of arguing that. I believe, just like you guys, that the recall wasn't done. I can't think of a single reason why this happened at the top of the stem like that, but I can't think of how to go about accusing the dealership of screwing me over. This dealership gives me cost on everything, so I do not want to go in there making anyone mad because I then have to go find another dealership to help me out. I am going to try to go back and see if I can just get a valve recall kit and do it myself. I know you guys are going to say I should have them do it and have Yamaha get involved, but it's obvious I can't trust this dealership. I still might not be making sense, but I figured I'd try to explain the situation. To avlnch...thank you. I did not know the exact problem with the valves (whether or not the problems were happening on the stem or not) That pretty much confirms it's definitely the dealer lying to me.
  2. Blake933

    Valve Problem

    Also, I didn't say anything except that the mechanics at my dealership will do nothing but replace the valve. That's all they'll do, so it seems I'm doing the right thing by dealing with it myself and trying to find what the cause of the problem is.
  3. Blake933

    Valve Problem

    I don't know why you have such an attitude. Just so you know, I know how to deal with the problem just as much as my local mechanics do. That's going to do me no good. I also know my dealer pretty well; I have been there and asked about the problem. Fact is, they do not know why it happened and neither do I, so I got on here to see if maybe someone had seen this happen. For the people who tried to help, I appreciate it guys.
  4. Blake933

    Valve Problem

    That doesn't really do me much good. Maybe someone has seen this before or something? Just taking it back to the dealership will do nothing but get the valve replaced. I can do that myself much quicker and cheaper.
  5. Blake933

    Valve Problem

    My bike had the recall done before I bought it. I also think that was a problem with the head of the valve, not the stem. I may be wrong there though. If the problem had to do with the stem, maybe this valve got mixed up and placed back into the head. Just to help out, I know this wasn't a valve float problem because the valve never even contacted the piston. I guess the valve just broke and opened up enough to kill the engine. Thanks for the help.
  6. Blake933

    Valve Problem

    I have a question for someone who maybe works on these things a lot. I have an 06 250f with maybe about 30 hours on it. I had my left intake valve stem break up at the retainer, and I'm curious as to why this happened? It wasn't being over-revved, and I change the oil every two rides and replace the filter every other oil change. The bike has been taken care of. Before I fix this thing I'd really like to figure out why this happened. It happened on the face of a jump causing me to endo. The bike was running fine until this happened. Anyways, thanks for the help.
  7. Blake933

    06 cylinder/piston

    I am rebuilding an 04 kx250f. Since I need to replace the cylinder anyways, I was wondering will the 06 cylinder and piston work? I might as well get the higher compression since it's not going to cost any more money. I have searched but really didn't get a for sure answer. I want to know if anyone has actually done this and it worked? If not, I'll just replace with stock parts. Thanks for the help.