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  1. GitRdirty

    Electrical Problem-Bike Dead??

    Update: I contacted rockymountainatv and they were excellent to deal with, a simple email and before i knew it I had a brand new replacement battery, they did not want me to ship them back the old one either!!!! Got the new battery charged and put in the bike.....Problem solved. I just knew it had to be something more complicated than just a bad battery, especially since i just purchased the battery new. Unfortunately, due to other circumstances, the bike is now posted for sale on craigslist and in the TT Classifieds. I will definately be getting another DRZ soon though! Thanks for the help!
  2. GitRdirty

    Electrical Problem-Bike Dead??

    Thanks for the replies. I'll throw the battery on the charger in the next day or so and see if that does anything. I checked the connector behind the fuse already and its pretty and new looking just like all connectors and wires throughout the bike, including the ones coming from the reg/rec. Note: I have not done the free power mod yet.
  3. GitRdirty

    Electrical Problem-Bike Dead??

    Went riding in Uwharrie National forest last weekend and we stopped on a trail for a break. When I turned the key to the ON position, my instrument panel display came on, flickered a few times, and died finally when I pushed the start button. It was completely blank and I had Zero power to the bike. After about thirty minutes of wire tracing and checking fuse and connections, I tried the Kick starter that I recently installed. Luckily, it fired right up and I was able to ride the rest of the day. Everything worked while running exept the display was constantly flickering. When I turned the bike back off, everything is completely dead and I can only kickstart it. With the bike off and the key in the OFF position, I have just a little over 12V at the battery and this is a brand new battery that is fully charged. As soon as I turn the key to the ON position, Voltage drops to almost Zero. The kill switch has no effect, only the key ignition. The same happens whether or not I have the Instrument panel plugged in or not. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks in advance.
  4. GitRdirty

    Uwharrie National Forest

    Can ride there any day of the week? And do park rangers check for a spark arresters there? Anyone been there during the week, I was hoping to go and would like to go when the least amt of 4x4's are there? Thanks
  5. GitRdirty

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Eddie O, How about a youtube video link, I want to hear that whistling you're talking about.
  6. GitRdirty

    Bent footpeg mount/frame

    I was in an accident last august when i was hit by a land rover, i had to lay my bike down on its right side and my left leg was sandwiched between the bike and the bumper of the landrover, after a broken fibula and crushed ankle I was riding again in 3 months. My peg mount was bent forward a little more than the pic above, my buddy who is a welder had to heat it up w/ an acetylene torch and bend it back with a giant adj. wrench. A small torch like propane def wouldn't get it hot enough, that is some serious metal
  7. GitRdirty

    How do you secure your DRZ?

    I had my first DRZ stolen, at the time I was living in an apartment during college, I had a braided steel cable run through the drz frame and around the frame of my S-10 truck, steering locked, disc lock on back disc and a bike cover. Trust me, if they want it they will get it, I had decent insurance but still lost approx $1500 after deduct and mods were considered. Now I don't leave my new drz out anywhere!
  8. GitRdirty

    Stock foot pegs?

    Anyone know where to find a good used set of stock footpegs? I know lots of you replaced yours with larger ones, but i need a set of used stock pegs. I really only have to have the left footpeg, it was damaged in an accident i was involved in. Thanks
  9. GitRdirty

    Oil starvation from long Wheelies?

    Oh, I gotta change that. I sold the sv unfortunately. Getting ready to buy a house and something had to go. You know I couldn't sell the drz!
  10. GitRdirty

    Oil starvation from long Wheelies?

    definately got the BP down. I can shift through the gears til i run out of gear, or ride second or third sitting down for 1 mile+, or third or fourth standing up until my arms get tired. I want to lower the gearing dramatically and learn slow 1st gear wheelies and hopefully circles soon thereafter. But we'll see.... I was just wondering if the drz would be ok to torture with constant back to back or long wheelies.
  11. Anyone know if this has ever been an issue w/ any drz? I'm talking about riding out long wheelies and the motor being starved of oil due to the angle of the bike? Just a thought, I've heard of this problem w/ sportbike stunters i think.
  12. i like everything but the white number plates, i would just go all black
  13. GitRdirty

    Stock Tank Graphics???

    I was kinda thinking of these same ideas, i hope they will work because my bike no longer has the shroud graphics on it and it looks kinda stupid w/ the random looking graphics on the tank. Anyone ever done this? Please chime in if so.....
  14. GitRdirty

    Stock Tank Graphics???

    I know the graphics on the tank are clear coated over but has anyone ever tried to remove just the graphics. I was hoping to just remove the graphics leaving the plain blue tank and then i was going to just re-clear the whole thing. Anyone know if it can be done w/o having to repaint the tank?