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  1. Zique

    Crf 150F Sag.

    Yeah...have you tried searching? You need a stiffer spring. Set your sag properly once you get that too. Check out racetech.com to calculate what spring you need (if they even offer different rates). I know the 150f basically only has the option for a "heavy" spring. Anyway, search around, you'll find your answer.
  2. Zique

    Why handgaurds on a Supermoto???

    Oh...and for the record, I'm a knee down on the pavement, foot out in the dirt kinda guy. I'm use to the foot out, but I get lower on the asphalt sections when I go knee down. That and the fact I get the heby jebies when I think about snagging my foot on asphalt.
  3. Zique

    Why handgaurds on a Supermoto???

    It's been a long time since I've been here on TT... Handguards are for your protection and the protection of the bike. That has been said and covered. However, with all the talk of racing, I'm surprised no one has mentioned IT'S THE RULES. AMA (and most other sanctioning bodies) requires you to have handguards (with sliders, like the probends). Not only for the protection previously mentioned, but also for the protection of the track and to eliminate problems that could arise from sparks.
  4. Is a YZ airbox and a WR airbox the same on the 03-05 450's?
  5. Zique

    AXO RC6 Sole Replacement

    The AXO RC6 has two different styles of soles. SM and MX. The replacement soles you posted are a velcro and screw replacement for the SM RC6. The MX RC6 will not even accept that sole. It is just the outer portion for the riders who drag the sole on the track. If you ride dirt and SM, I'd probably suggest getting the SM boots and replacing that outer sole on your own as is needed.
  6. Zique

    help set carb

    Stock yz426 settings: main 162 pilot 42 sorry, but I can't remember needle position
  7. Zique

    valve adjustment

    Yep. From what I've heard, it's the 'hard to start' symptom (when everything else is functioning well). You may also start to hear some high pitched ticking at the top of the head.
  8. Zique

    starting up in SM

    if you are going to be racing, you will also need to set-up catchcans for your fluids.
  9. Zique

    2002 YZ426 Frame Guard options?

    I may actually have an extra set of WC guards that I'll sell you cheap if you want. I'll have to check though. PM me if you want.
  10. Zique

    thinking about buying yz426f some ???

    Yep, about 232 dry IIRC. The price isn't a steal, but it's not a rip-off either...unless of course things are like Ranger said.
  11. Zique

    2001 Yz 426 Starting Technique

    +1:thumbsup: +1:thumbsup: All good advice. If you just recently aquired the bike, whether in storage or not, it's always a good thing to change out and clean everything you can. Fresh fluids, lubes, plug, etc.
  12. WR flywheel and stator will be the cheapest way to go. You don't need to change out the CDI. I did the mod w/ keeping my YZ CDI and it worked just fine. You will have to float the ground though. There's lots of info about that if you do a search. Good Luck!
  13. Zique

    Is it ok to ride?

    What do you mean by 'got motor flushed'? Did you just change the oil?
  14. Zique

    Backfiring 2003 Yz 450

    Your header pipe will always get red if you let it idle long enough. These bikes run hot. I'd follow the above advise as well and get it jetted first and then see if it still does it. You may also want to check for air leaks.
  15. pm sent. anyone have tips on repairing a stator? or is that just work you don't want to mess with?