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  1. Rich_Rohrich

    Chicago Area Indoor Mini- Motard Open

    I'm in Chicago and my CRF150R is ready, so count me in for sure .
  2. The only correct answer is "it depends". You have to test and find out for sure what the minimum octane requirement is for YOUR bike.
  3. You are correct. That was originally written years ago back when 100/130 was readily available, and 100LL was relatively new. At the time independent testing showed that 100LL did not consistently meet the ASTM specs in all areas. My statements on the octane rating were based on those findings. These days you'd be hard pressed to find a properly handled (handling through distribution is key),100LL that doesn't meet the D910 spec and test out at +99 MON. The internet being the way it is, subsequent updates to things go largely unnoticed, so a generalized precautionary statement from years ago dogs me to this day. I for one appreciate you clearing it up. 100LL AvGas can be an effective fuel for certain very specific two stroke applications, but unfortunately as you pointed out people tend to read that as a sort of one size fits all prescription. I applaud your efforts to try and educate folks on the subject.
  4. Rich_Rohrich


    JohnnyO - I just revisited this thread and saw these great pictures. I'll be heading up to Eric's shop this weekend and I'll make sure and show them to him. He'll get a real kick out of reliving that moment, I know I sure did. Thanks:thumbsup: Mike Ruffolo - Eric is alive and well and making horsepower with the hippies in Madison. His contact info is : http://www.forwardmotion.com.mx 815 Walsh Rd, Unit 2 Madison, Wisconsin, 53714 USA Tel.1-630-825-5645 (7am-6am CST) Email ericgorr@hotmail.com
  5. Rich_Rohrich

    Heres a question...

    Shawn - They run upwards of 50-53 degrees of lead due to the shape of the combustion space and the obvious time restrictions. At these insanely high engine speeds the designers are always going to have to battle conflicting demons, airflow and combustion efficiency. If you get enough valve area and lift in the engine to feed it properly at sky high rpm you are going to have to have huge cutouts in the crown of the piston to make room for the valves. Those cutouts obviously increase the combustion volume, so to keep any sort of reasonable compression ratio and thermal efficiency the combustion chamber space gets ever flatter. With rpm comes short strokes, and wide bores which brings us into the wide and flat combustion chamber. So you have a wide flat space with an unforgiving surface to volume ratio, an odd shaped chamber that tends to kill off high speed tumble and the much needed charge motion that comes with it, and no real time to react the whole mess. You can see where this is going, we are going to have to crank up the lead a ton to have any chance of making it all work. So the designers wring their hands over this and trade back and forth between breathing and combustion efficiency, but at the end of the day, the fast engines seems to be to be the ones that breath. I guess they look at the long lead and it's inherent problems as collateral damage in the search for high rpm power. The funny part is, if you look at the BMEP of these engines versus the engine they run in German touring car racing or other rpm limited series, you see the F1 engines trailing the pack. The touring car designs put up some really impressive numbers for their displacements. If you are displacement limited and rpm is free territory, you work to maintain decent BMEP, and spin the snot out of it to find that horsepower. It looks to me like the designers of the 800cc MotoGP engines are wrestling with this same bag of snakes these days. Interesting times to be a fan.
  6. Rich_Rohrich

    CRF 100 Supermoto photos

    5150 got banned from other sites for the exact same kind of crap.
  7. Rich_Rohrich


    Yeah Troy was pretty shocked when he found out "training" was part of the deal to ride our bike. He was working for us in the shop and the first time we stopped in the middle of a work day and made him go run with us, he seemed:eek: But he quickly got into it and became even tougher on the bike. I wish we could have done more to help him advance.
  8. Rich_Rohrich


    I remember Barnett really liked the low gas tank bike that Suzuki built for him, but the issues they had with it escape me 25 years later. Go figure! I wish we knew as much about chassis dynamics and suspension back then as we do today. It was definitely a case of "everything we know up till now". You might be thinking of Troy Bradshaw. Eric worked as Troy's mechanic back then and they did really well together on a real shoestring budget. Bradshaw could ride the wheels off an open bike, literally in the case you described.
  9. Rich_Rohrich


    Eric Gorr and I built the low gas tank RM that we affectionately called "The Invader" and Troy Anderson raced it at various tracks through the Midwest. We had distanced ourselves from my old buddy Vic Krause at this point. Troy never seemed to come to grips with the whole Maplehurst experience. I guess the big blue groove on the back downhill just didn't excite him like it did for many of us. Troy always did his best on it at the Santa Fe stadium races. A lot of guys saw the back fender at Santa Fe. We used to get protested all the time with that bike. It was a lot of fun being part of that time in motorcycling. The cool part is some of the ideas that originated on that bike are standard features today.
  10. Rich_Rohrich

    Treehopper's Conversion Bike, Part 1

    Treehopper, it looks like a fun project. When you have some time how about posting some pics of that cool TT500 hiding in the background.
  11. Rich_Rohrich

    i need a complete new motor...

    www.forwardmotion.com.mx A cool new engine option for Honda CRF250 riders : www.forwardmotion.com.mx/hondacrf290.html
  12. His new site is at : www.forwardmotion.com.mx Here are a couple of interesting links to get you started : A little Eric Gorr history : www.forwardmotion.com.mx/abouteric.html A cool new engine option for Honda CRF250 riders : www.forwardmotion.com.mx/hondacrf290.html
  13. Rich_Rohrich

    Too loud for me..

    Great work and outstanding post Michael.
  14. Rich_Rohrich

    320 grit or 240 grit hone?

    A 3.00" flexhone @ 320 grit is the proper version to deglaze a stock sized bore for new rings.
  15. Rich_Rohrich

    exhaust systems

    It's probably a good thing John Britten is already dead, because he would have died laughing reading your post. Someone better call up Optimum and tell them that a little company with a small handful of sharp guys can't possibly build a working EFI system that can be fitted to existing FCR based bikes. Good thing you've cleared that up for everyone.