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  1. Im hurtin for a stator right now, working or not, stock (3B). To fit 02 520 exc. THanks guys.
  2. RobbyB

    KTM 520 exc Wont Start!

    probably your stator, they are notorious for going out and giving that problem. I am in the same boat right now! Except I am doing a valve adjust, changing the stator and the ignition coil at the same time. Damn stators get hot and the solders break... Good luck...
  3. HEllO guys, Ok, we have troubleshot the carburetor and still the bike does not run smoothe, it backfires. After some reading we found that the stator could be the cause. Well funny thing, because none of our lights work and none of the wire leads show any voltage at all. Does anyone have any ideas?? The starter works, battery has juice but I dont think it recharges, we must keep the tender on the bike all the time. The bike runs when throtthe is 1/4 and up but backfires on decel and will not keep a nice smoothe idle. When I opened the stator cover, there was also lots of oil in there. Should there be oil in there??? Thanks gurus!
  4. RobbyB

    KTM 520EXc vs. CRF450R or X

    Thanks WOT, I must agree that 520 is a big BITCH! I am a desert racer to the core. I used to race a CR250 in the desert and loved it, Im just getting older so I want a nice stroker. I like low end grunt riding not top end riding.. I was mainly concerned with comparing the two because the weight is about the same. (250lbs) Yes, I know engineering could mask that by sheer excellent design. Hence my line of questioning, comparing the two, since I have never ridden a CRF at all.. I have a feeling I will take to a CRF like a fish to water. Next Tuesday will tell all, if no one flakes out on me. Ill keep you all posted on what I think. Cheers.
  5. Hey guys, gals, gurus, Could someone shed some light about a 2002 KTM 520 exc compared to a 2004 CRF450R? Pros / Cons? I am looking to make a purchase here soon. I have rode the KTM and I must say, I love the suspension and low end grunt of the motor.. (The KTM has some work done to it) Though I must say the bike sapped my energy fast. Was it just me being a weak ass that day, or is that bike a pig to handle? It felt hard to steer fast & precise, and hard to stop fast like it had too much inertia... (correct me if Im wrong please) I am basically thinking the CRF will handle more like a CR250R which I am VERY familiar with as well? (True or not True?) (That CR, I would literally just point and shoot and I could do anything.) I have never rode a CRF. Thanks..
  6. RobbyB

    Stolen KTM 450 EXC - Las Vegas - Reward

    Ill keep my eyes open for you too dude.. Sorry about the messed up sitch, I know what its like to love yer bike. In the event you want an 02' KTM 520EXC, same stuff on it as yours basically , email me, my buddy has one in really GOOD shape and he has been trying to sell for a few weeks... ITs in cycletrader.com actually..
  7. RobbyB

    Moving to Vegas, some suggestions please...

    Summerlin - Master Planned Community... Summerlin really = Master planned traffic jam and marketing ploy for overpriced homes and very high association fees.. I live in the Southwest, have for 17 years, and love it.. Just South of the "summerlin border".. I used to be the last housing tract before the mountains and desert , ahh twas nice back in the day.. I raced M.R.A.N. back in the day and I know the riding areas fairly well, (still in my head). Nellis - dunes (im not a dunes guy) Sams Town area "Swamps" - Desert trail rider training grounds Ely - Desert trails riding Searchlight - Desert trails riding Blue Diamond Mtn range - Desert trails riding Valley of Fire - Desert trails riding Those are a few areas.. Check out MRAN website or MRAN clubs websites for their riding areas they put on races with the B.L.M. it should tell you lots.. The riding areas rock out here, since we are still part of the mohave desert plane, im pretty sure.. Same as San Bernadino area like Red Mountain, which I loved last weekend as well. Good luck and enjoy Vegas.. I just am dying to try woods riding. Hell, and if any of you guys are moving to Vegas and want to buy a home email me, Im a Mortgage finance guy and can pull "rabbits out of my hat" in this town.. Cheers all!
  8. RobbyB

    XR 400 vs. CRF 450 help.

    Well thanks guys! Wish me luck, if all goes well next Tuesday, I will be the proud new owner of a stock 04' CRF450R. ...The guy didnt know too much about the bike , (valves / tranny issues), and he doesn't really ride too much.. Kind of a weekend warrior type, he doesnt even own a chest protector or boots. We shall see when I have the dealer inspect it for me on the spot before my purchase. Cheers!
  9. RobbyB

    XR 400 vs. CRF 450 help.

    Thanks for the input guys.. That helps a lot. Now what about throwing the wr450 or yz450f into the mix? Any tranny or valve issues like the crf? What about that damn ugly steel frame? Thanks.
  10. RobbyB

    XR 400 vs. CRF 450 help.

    Hey guys, I am a n00b here.. Old time 250 class desert racer looking to move up to a stroker, not smoker.. I have been just about set on a CRF450 but also am looking at an XR400 that has been fully modded (bolt-ons). Can anyone tell me what kind of differences pro's and con's Im looking at between the two? Im pretty sure the suspension is not inverted on the XR, the HP is much lower (20hp), and the frame is aluminum but not an MX race design.. (correct me if Im wrong), looks like a higher center of gravity ... thats all I think I know differing the two.. Im am the ripe old age of 32 a lean and strong 168lbs and can ride novice class pretty hard and technical. pros, cons, recommendations please gurus.... Thank you!