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    Husqy Supermoto SM450RR Motor?

    Here is the official release on the 450RR: HUSQVARNA SM 450 RR Husqvarna will be presenting a limited edition of only 50 SM 450 RR motorcycles at the Milan Show for those wanting a ready-to-race bike. This will be an exact replica of the motorcycles used by the official Husqvarna team in the World Supermoto Championship series that has just ended. Off-road enthusiasts will be more than happy with the wide range of accessories that will come as standard on these machines. This bike features a TIG welded frame with adjustable rake just like on the machine ridden by Eddie Seel in the World Championship series. It will also feature shortened forks to improve traction and manoeuvrability. The one-piece steering plate is made from anodised Ergal and the increased diameter steering pivot is in aluminium. The anodised red Rexfelgen wheels sport a 120/70 17” tyre at the front with a Dunlop 165/55 17” slick at the rear. The titanium Arrow exhaust system is the same as on the TC Motocross models and meets FIM 06 noise level standards. The set-up features a removable decibel killer that can be fitted or removed to meet various track noise level requirements. The more powerful “race” engine is mated to a six-speed box derived from motocross versions as are the STM slipper clutch, the electric and kick-start system and the 41 mm Kehin carburettor. The following carbon-fibre components have been discarded: clutch cover, ignition cover, valve cover, sprocket cover, oil filter cover, chain guide, shock absorber guard, front mudguard reinforcing plate, frame side protection, sump shield and timing gear cover. The motorcycle comes supplied with spare sprockets and crown wheels and a set of steering rake sockets as well as a racing type side stand, variable density hand guards and tapered 28/22 Tommaselli handlebars. The machine is not homologated and can only be used on Motard tracks. The looks of the RR make it stand out as a true race machine. It will only be available from early December through orders made directly through the Husqvarna sales network. Scott
  2. Husky_Mktg-Ad_Guy

    Five Additional Husky Pro Teams for Score

    *Clarification from Cagiva USA* This is NOT an official program. There is no deal in place for sponsorship by Husqvarna USA. It has been proposed by an outside source with no official connection to Husqvarna. The proposal is currently under consideration. If a program is worked out, there will be an official notice posted by me with the complete details. DO NOT CALL YOUR LOCAL DEALER ASKING FOR INFO ON THIS! Thank you, Scott Wynn Cagiva USA
  3. Husky_Mktg-Ad_Guy

    Cagiva/USA Husqvarna Contingency $/Score Racing!

    I am waiting on some word from the folks at SCORE on this issue. I need specifics on what classes will be run, what bikes will be eligible, and who will be responsible for supplying us with a list of finishing positions by class. Once I have that, we can figure out a payment structure for the series. With details in hand, If all goes well, can get this done very quickly. Scott Wynn CUSA
  4. Husky_Mktg-Ad_Guy

    Husky US site has some new goodies

    LOL. the web designer who kreated dis page copy iz no longer wit da company i will tryn git da new guy to fixit thankzalot