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  1. thanks all. yeah it's a 4 speed trans. well if $2500 is a good price, i'll look into getting it and then a couple hundred down the line to swap out for a six speed doesn't seem too bad.
  2. warmseth

    2000 ktm 520sx greensticker obtainable?

    do you suppose that $2500 is a fair price for one in decent condition?
  3. i'm looking at gettig a 2000 ktm 520sx. can i get this thing a green sticker in CA?
  4. hi, i've been off the dirt since around 99 when i owned and enjoyed a 95 yz250. getting back into it and want a 4 stroke. an aquaintance has an 00 520sx that i can pick up for $2500 in fair shape. my questions are, is this a good bike (compared to a honda or yamaha) and can i get this thing green stickered in CA? i am a trail rider that will hit jumps i see them as i'm riding around. i have no interest in mx tracks (getting injured at tracks is what got me off dirt bikes the last time). also i'm about 6' and 200lbs. your thoughts? thanks in advance