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    82 xr80 questions

    Just picked up one of these to teach my 10 year old son how to ride. Does anyone know what the dimension for the float height should be? It's the P10C or P100 carb, can't quite make out the marking. Also, I would like to find and aftermarket air filter and exhaust system for it, any ideas? Apparently the chain derailed and went through the inner case at some point exposing the back of the flywheel. It seems to runs fine, but probably won't be running through any puddles till I fix that. There appears to be holes to mount a chain guide on the swing arm but its missing. Is it suppose to have one? Thanks
  2. If your tank has that white chaulky looking stuff on it from being out in the sun, use some steel wool first medium then fine. The plastic is surprisingly tough. The dark coloring is from oil/gas bleeding through from the inside out. A resto shop told me that brake fluid and a lot of elbow grease will help but probably won't get rid of it all.

    Chain guide material?

    Thanks for the replies. I found a piece of polyethylene that is big enough to make 4 blocks out of. The sides I'm making from aluminum plate. The stock guide is all plastic and I ride in an area with large rocks and I don't expect it to last too long.

    Chain guide material?

    Does anyone know what material chain guides are made from? Is it nylon or something tougher? I'm going to make one for my 84 YZ250.

    HP of a 1984 YZ250

    I have both an 84 and 07 yz250. Both of them stock except the 84 has a pro circuit pipe. The old yz has about 10-15 mph more top end than the new one. I don't understand why the 07 is geared so low. The 84 is also quieter, surprising considering its rather crude looking silencer. The worst thing about the 84 is the brakes, the back is OK but the front is really horrible.

    How good are you? Whats wrong here?

    Yz250, first year of water cooling, maybe 82? Its missing the mag cover, spark plug, pipe, chain guard, fuel line. You need a new shift shaft seal, and it looks like the crank seal was leaking at one time. If your from canada that would explain the white fender. What do I win?

    1978.5 RM 250 Q's (what's the difference?)

    That brings back some memories, I bought one new for $1400. As I recall honda released an all new cr250 in 78, that had alot more suspension travel than the previous year. Suzuki's original 78 model could not compete with it so they released their 79 model as the 78 1/2 model, the C2. Basically it had more travel and an aluminum swingarm. I'm sure there were other minor things too, like jetting and porting.

    1984 YZ250 Exhaust

    I have a pro circuit on mine now. I never rode it with the stock pipe but I'm sure the PC pipe is better, its a lot fatter through the mid section. I bought my bike over the net and it was shipped in five boxes.

    1984 YZ250 Exhaust

    I have an 84 yz250 that I restored and could not find the part either. Like was mentioned I used a radiator hose and zip ties. I have a dent free original pipe, but has a crack near the inlet if you need one, it would be easy to repair.
  10. PAINLESS43

    !~reoccuring problems~!

    Do a search for "vintage yz", I know there are some sites that might be able to help you with a cdi unit. Also check the AHRMA web page, the have a suppliers list there. I restored an 84 yz250 and bikebandit.com had a lot of OEM parts in stock.
  11. PAINLESS43

    !~reoccuring problems~!

    I'm amazed it even starts without the CDI unit! I have never heard of anyone bypassing it and getting a bike to run.
  12. PAINLESS43

    YZ 125 - 5spd vs. 6spd

    07 is a 5 spd. I wish it was a 6spd though, the bike really needs more top end speed for desert riding. It does have a good low end for mountain woods riding though.
  13. PAINLESS43

    YZ cross => enduro

    Utah sport cycle has a skid plate and kickstand. I have their skid plate on my 07 and like it, it protects the water pump very well. I can only get about 45 miles on my stock tank.
  14. PAINLESS43

    Which after market air filter?

    I did try the spacer mod, but only rode the bike for a short time and really couldn't tell a difference, so I took it back out. The TC II richened up my jetting a little and I just got a leaner pilot that I'm going to try this weekend. I'm 3 turns out on the air screw already. My bike is an 07 250, and ride between 6000 and 8000 ft.
  15. PAINLESS43

    Which after market air filter?

    Ordered a Twin last night, I needed some other things anyway. I have to run a spark arreater where I ride and put a turbine core II on which is quieter than the stock silencer but also mellowed out the power a little. Was hoping to get some back and hopefully the filter helps.