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    Say Goodbye To Shelton

    The 672 acres were acquired years ago when Peninsula Land Holdings purchased the land from the Kneeland family with a loan from an Indian tribe in Oregon. Peninsula Land Holdings had not made payments for years and the land went up for auction recently and was bought back by the tribe for 18M (what was owed them after interest, original amount of loan was 4.5M I believe.) Anyway the Goose Lake area on this land is said to still be toxic from years before when ITT Rayonier had a mill there. It is said that portions of the land are unusable because of this. ( I still ride there though and have ridden that area since 1989 and I don't glow in the dark and my lungs still work, however I've also heard the fish in that lake have three eyes. ) So, if the ground really is toxic then there would be problems with loans (maybe that's why PLH got a loan from an Indian tribe in the first place,) building permits etc. The land may just sit in limbo for another decade or so. But that's just one small portion of the triangle near the Port of Shelton. I think you may be surprised by Shelton and Mason county in the near future. The new tourism planning mission statement looks very good for Off Roaders both motorized and non-motorized. I'll keep you posted.