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  1. dvasquez

    560 SMR in My 04 525EXC

    OK, I have read about the crank/bearing upgrades and was planning on this with 525 motor. The place were this may become an issue is Glamis. The big dunes are 3rd and 4th wide open and it's surprising how much traction you get with a paddle in the sand. I don't ride on the street very much. The plate is mostly for trail hopping or cruising around town in the Sierras. I won't dare get out on a SoCal freeway. I think I’ll run it this season and plan for the crank upgrade next summer. This will also give me a chance to see how I like the transmission. The low 1st and 2nd are nice in the tight stuff and I think I’m going to miss them. The close 5th and 6th sounds fun.
  2. dvasquez

    560 SMR in My 04 525EXC

    The close ratio and top end power I can handle. I had Hotcam in the bike earlier and had a blast with it. One of my ideas is to keep the 525 motor stock for the summer mountain riding and have the 560 motor for the winter desert riding. I wasn't aware of the crank issue. This is a concern seeing that we do a lot of long distance desert rides.
  3. I've got 7000 miles on my 04 525EXC and I blew a head gasket. While contemplating the motor build I came across a 560 SMR motor and bought it. Now I'll ask the question, This should bolt in right? To my understanding the RFS motors all had the same mounting bolt patern. Besides the charging system and starter is there anything I need to worry about? The cylinder is shorter so I'm wondering if I need longer/different radiator hoses. I did purchase a 41mm carb to help with fuel delivery. The next question is what to do with the 525 motor? Trophy cart? Motorized bar stool? Put it in my ACT 200X?
  4. dvasquez

    Going to Ocotillo Wells for first time

    David, I hope the weather gods are on your side. It's going to get very hot out there. The Weather Cahnnel will say 92 and then it turns out to be 102. There are several camp grounds with pools if gets too hot. You should be able to find a map of the place online or stop in at the ranger staton on the way in. You will probably want to camp by trees, then again that blows the idea of camping by yourself. There are some trees on Main St., lots of trees at Holmes Camp, or in the Cove (South of Blow Sand). The map will show you these locations. There are lots of cool things to see out there, mines, Gas Domes, military bombing ranges, sand stone canyons.... But like anywhere you go it takes a book and ten years of exploring to see everything. You guys should have a great time, just prepare for warm weather. There are stores where you can buy ice, water, food and supplies. Dave
  5. dvasquez

    Anza Borrego Maps???

    http://www.desertusa.com/web_cart/db/pages/5022a.html This is the book you want. It is very detailed of just about every historical site in Anza Borrego. It come with the best map I have found of the entire area that covers from Julian to Salton Sea, Mexico to above S22. They sell it at the Vistor Center in Borrego Springs, I think at Split Mountain General Store, and online of course. The cover has changed in the past couple of years, so you may find one that's yellow with cactus on the cover.
  6. I recently installed a JD jet kit on my brother's 08 530, holly smokes did that make a difference!!! The bike is still running a little lean so I need to go back in. My issue is that the 08's are not easy to work on. The frame fits so tight around the carb that I can't turn it in place. When I put the kit in originally, I had to pull the exhaust off, pull the motor mounts and rotate the motor forward. Then after sweet talking the carburator out I was able to work on it. Anyone have any suggentions? We change altitudes throughout the year and this is way too much work. Is anyone able to get just the bowl off? I installed a T-handle idle air screw adjuster that must be removed to get the bowl off. The carb sits too low to pull the adjuster out while on the bike. I would definately remove it if I knew the bowl would come off. How about pulling the starter out? Is that the easiest way? Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated.
  7. dvasquez

    08 EXC - Gnarly Brakes!!!!

    Thanks for the input guys. I'd really like to find something right in between my 04 and my brothers 08 without spending any money. We might try a different set of pads. As far as getting fatter, I'm working on that.
  8. My brother bought himself an 08 530 EXC a couple of months ago, and the brakes are strong. I'm talking put you on your head strong. He can't ride on the street without the back wheel locking up. On slick mountain roads the brake peddle is more like an on/off switch. The front is just as bad. If you look at it funny you will go over the bars. I know what you thinking, "strong brakes, where do I sign up for that problem!!". I was thinking the same thing until I rode it. The back brake is really like a light switch. The front brake is similar. I figured they just needed to be broke in. So I told him to drag the brakes for a little bit. Hopefully after a little riding time they would get better. But they didn't. I bought some new brake pads for my 04 and they do fit the 08. I may try them on his bike first. The old pads I'm pulling off my bike have been soaking in fork oil for a couple months. That would definately mellow out the braking. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions? I need to get these fixed or my brother is going to end up on his head, and my sister inlaw is going to kill me.
  9. dvasquez

    Stuck oil screen plug!

    Yes, I used a large ez out. The ez out I have is just big enough that I have to tap it into the allen bolt. I have to admit I've never seen an ez out this big in the store. I got mine from my grandpa who used to work on big trucks. What part of California are you in? JB Welding an 8mm bolt into the allen will work also. Epoxy the bolt head into the allen with 2 jam nuts on the other end of the bolt so you have something to turn. If your not familiar with Jb Weld it's a two part epoxy that is SUPER strong. It takes 24 hours to cure. Look into the oil screen bolt from Brap Offroad. It has a regular hex head making life easier. http://brapoffroad.com/bolts.htm
  10. dvasquez

    Stuck oil screen plug!

    Is that the side hex bolt plug or the lower allen bolt plug? For the side hex bolt plug you may be able to get a set of small thin vise grips on the head. Definately use a punch or long socket extension and give the bolt a couple smacks. This will help loose the bolt. That bolt/plug is very shallow so drilling would be a bad idea. The other option is to JB Weld a bolt, old socket, or metal rod to the end of the plug. Make sure the plug is very clean. It will take a little over 24hours for the epoxy to cure, but it should be strong enough to take it out. For the lower allen plug and I the same problem. I used a large bolt extractor that fit just inside the allen head. After tapping it in place the allen bolt came right out.
  11. dvasquez

    Gearing down '07 525EXC...

    I normally run a 14/51 on my 04 525EXC, which has the same trans as the 07's. It has plenty of bark on the bottom and can still handle the high spead washes in the Southern California deserts. When I head to Glamis or Kennedy Meadows I run a 13/51. This gives me that unltra low 1st for bouncing over rocks and keeps my in sweet spot of the RPM's in teh sand dunes. As far as being scared of buying the wrong setup, just experiment. I seem to only get a year out of my chain and sprocket setup.
  12. dvasquez

    buggy whip on ktm

    Sorry, the link isn't working. Do a search for Hines Racing and Fabrication.
  13. dvasquez

    buggy whip on ktm

    Hines Racing and Fabrication makes a cool mount that attaches to the muffler supports. It's sturdy, out of way, and far back enough that you don't hit it. I hit Glamis twice a year and Pismo once a year, and I leave the mount on year round. http://www.*****************/Products.asp
  14. dvasquez

    Ocotillo Wells Poker Run?

    Los Pretots sponsors the event. You can get more information at www.lospretors.org. On Sat. 10/28/06 is the Spook Run, begins at 7pm. On Sunday 10/29/06 is the poker run, begins at 9am.
  15. dvasquez

    Best Tires for Ocotillo Wells

    I was trying to keep my Michechin hating thoughts to myself, but since you brought it up.... NO MICHELINS!!!! Since Michelin pulled out of the 2005 US GP at Indy DURING in the warm up lap leaving 6 cars to run a Formula 1 race, I will never own a set of Michelins.