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  1. madant15

    Big Bear

    Cactus flats and Pinnacles are two that I know of.
  2. madant15

    What do you guys think of this 05 CRF250?

    Ya surprisingly haven't gotten any cash offers, just trades. I don't think many people are buying now because of the economy. It's been a great bike but its time for me to get into two wheels now that I don't live to so close to Glamis.
  3. madant15

    What do you guys think of this 05 CRF250?

    The quad is mine, I am thinking about trading it. Trust me the engine is fine, plenty of power to smoke 450s up Oldsmobile.
  4. madant15

    What do you guys think of this 05 CRF250?

    I appreciate the input guys. It's hard when you are dealing with bikes with a lot of after market parts, such as the one I am considering trading for this crf... http://palmsprings.craigslist.org/mcy/814550421.html
  5. It has Brand new '08 head complete with new valves, springs, etc. New '08 cam (per thumpertalk forums. better than most aftermarket cams) New JE High compression Piston 13.5:1 MSR air screw. Quickshot accelerator Pump bowl. Jardine Slip on Exhaust. New Tag fat bars. ASV levers. Is this a pretty decent setup? BTW the bike only has about 15min on the new motorwork. How much would a bike like this go for? And would running 91 octane with the 13.5 to 1 compression piston be sufficient for a long period of time. I know the seller reads thumpertalk so feel free to chime in. Thanks
  6. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for engineering! MMI if you want to be a tech...
  7. madant15

    Which Husky 510? TE or SM?

    I think that does sound good then. What are some good places to get the sm wheels and tires (or equivalent) and what is the going rate?
  8. madant15

    Which Husky 510? TE or SM?

    How does the suspension whoop sections and rough terrain?
  9. madant15

    Which Husky 510? TE or SM?

    Well I would like to be able to go on group street/desert/trail rides every once and a while and have the do perform decently. I would rather have it more setup for the street since that is where I will be spending most of my time; and I just need it to do well off road, ie it doesn't need to be setup optimally. Those of you that off road your sms, how is does the suspension/brakes/tires fare?
  10. madant15

    Which Husky 510? TE or SM?

    Ya that sounds great. Like I said most of time I will be riding on the road but I would also like to use it in the desert and on the trails. I may just get some knobs for the stock 17s and then eventually get some dedicated dirt wheels.
  11. madant15

    Which Husky 510? TE or SM?

    How bad of an idea is it to put dirt tires on the SM rims? And does the TE come with mirrors, blinkers, etc?
  12. I am considering getting a Husky 510 as my first bike once I sell my quad, but I am not sure which one. I would be using it mostly on the road for commuting and riding through the twisties, but I would also want to use it for dual sport rides. I am leaning towards the 510sm with a set of dirt tires for off road use so I can in theory have the best of both worlds. Is this a practical idea? Also, the TE is street legal stock correct?