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  1. Tumic

    SX150 mod/tuning

    I've been searching around the web put can not really find anyone who have put some time and effort in the engine. Mostleyh common is just a exhaust and then no more. Is there anyone in here who have got their cylinder ported etc, dyno curves? Will send my away and get the cylinder ported/block blue printed, VHM head and ha PC system with the new ti-2 silencer and race gas. But it would be nice to some figures on what they are capable of.
  2. Tumic

    to make a cr125 fast: cylinder swap

    When i did the -99 on -02 bottom end (i am the owner of the 154cc bike) i had to use the powervalve arm from the -99 motor..
  3. How big difference did this make for you Nino? My 154cc feels so weak in the mid RPM's, i run the -02 Governor on the -99 HPP set up and started thinkin that the governor might open up to fast for the HPP valve vs the stock set up on the -02.
  4. Tumic

    02 CR154

    Yeah, at least my DEP pipe fits. They can have changed the pipe due to the new engine and different porting on the new cylinder, so it might be performance wise and not fitting they changed it for. Here is a pic of the bike when it was finnished. And a short clip from testing it. Its fairly fast in high revs but kind of weak in low and middle so it's time for the dyno now for some ignition changes and re-jetting, will also try a PC pipe and play a bit with the adjustable HPP valve cover i bought for it to see if we can make the power a bit smoother.
  5. Tumic

    02 CR154

    Right now im just half asleep and will just let the pic's speak for them self, The 05-07 pipe was a straight fit, so if you ever need a pipe for your 02-04, the newer pipes will fit.
  6. Tumic

    02 CR154

    Got my parts back from TDC yeasterday. The parts looks really nice and i can see a good amount of work on the cyliner. The miss match problem is now gone And here is the new head VS the old one Started to put it back to geather las night and started to play a bit with the new valve cover.
  7. Tumic

    02 CR154

    The thing is that the clear part of the reeds feels all soft and disolved, not chipped. I havent had any signs of blown by thru the air filter, and i have sealed the boot against the airbox with silicone etc.
  8. Tumic

    02 CR154

    Thanks mate! This is a pretty firm sand track 70 kilometers from home, but my local track is a hard packed track. I have ridden on Lommel and some tracks in Holland and Germany and i am a way better sand rider than what i am on hard packed. Little ironic considering that my home track is simular to the italian hard packed tracks. I am not sure on the year of the cylinder, i bought it used on internet but it stood it was from a 99 bike, but it's possible that Gorr shipped me another cylinder back and used my as a core exchange. Fun to see the inside of a Mugen cylinder, i have never seen that before Swedish enduro championship 2009 on my home track, me on #35 And here is a clip from my old practice track i had in -07, the track were shut down in 08 when a new road was built near by and they needed sand for the build.
  9. Tumic

    02 CR154

    Also found this on my phone from last summer.
  10. Tumic

    02 CR154

    Some new updates then. I split the cases and got them water and glass blasted. Looks like brand new, did not find any company that could anodise the color i wanted on the cases so went for this option instead. Blasted some other parts to. When we split the cases and removed the Rad Valve i saw that the reeds were all gone, about 10 hours ago the looked like new so i dont know if it is the Avgas 100ll fuel that took uot the reeds? The carbon part is undamaged but not the clear plastic parts. a work in progress pic of the cylinder, the cylinder is back from replating now and will be shiped back to me today, i will post more pics of that when i get it. Got a new Sunline brake lever and a Cycra stadium plate ordered from BTO sports to, so soon i got all the parts i need to put the bike to geather again, until then i got som work to do on my new 450 that i gonna test a Öhlins fork on.
  11. Tumic

    02 CR154

    So, long time no see.. Been bussy with my enduro racing latley so it's still where í left it in the last post. But the parts are getting done over att TDC, got a mail with some pics, really fun to see the progress of tuning and getting updated about whats happening. But we ran in some issues, the Phat head turned out to be a problem to order, sense phat head has been bought by another company and the parts were in the transfer between tha companys. So we decided to go for a VHM head instead that is a european head that is really big over here, but it turned out that the 99 VHM heads were discontinued.. So Brett att TDC milled out my old head, and made a new insert with orings instead of a gasket. Here is the final result, he is finnishing up the cylinder now so soon i can have the bike up on the dyno and hopefully present som good numbers.
  12. Tumic

    02 CR154

    Got my new BUD silencer today, well spent money, looks really good. Will remove the sticker for more factory look.
  13. Tumic

    02 CR154

    I checked now and it is the #7 slide in my carb, in my old Carb i ran a 172 Main i think, don't remember which pilot i ran.
  14. Tumic

    02 CR154

    In -07 i rode the new KTM 450 and for that i purchased a JD kit and was really happy with that along with a slip stream wing for the carb, was super fast in response, almost to fast. I have faith in the JD stuff, but was i bit disapointed from his answer, when you ask someone about their products you don't want to hear "buy them and you will be happy" But overall i am really interested to see the bike on the dyno soon to compare the curves to a KTM 150sx When it comes to tuners in europe we have plenty of good tuners, here in sweden they are fairley expensive tough, Italian tuners often go for just top end and over rev, and the guys in Netherlands build for overall power and usable power in the sand tracks. From my earlier experiences i like the tuners from the Netherlands the most, i think you get most for the money from those guys, but when it comes to over bore and stroke i felt that tuners in US have bigger experience than the european tuners, and that's why i chosed US over europe in this case. The response i got from TDC 2 stroke is very impressive and i hope that hes work lives up to his customer service, as i mentioned before, i feel that when you buy parts from larger companys you often pay much for the name, both with PC and SRS racing in Italy, not to talk crap about those companys, just saying that you can get more out of a smaller tuner some times.