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  1. After more research is seams they are pretty even. The Yam is probably a better trail bike & can be made into a race bike. The KTM is a race bike out of the crate but not as good a trail bike. Yamaha probably has a better build & engine reliability. No horror stories from either. I'll probably go for the best value of what is out there in the end, but most likely the Yam.
  2. The bikes i've owned in the past are a 99 WR400 then an 05 YZF 250 4T and then an 05 KTM exc 2 stroke. I liked the 400 but it was a bit old & I new I'd be faster on something lighter, The YZF was just too harsh, easy to stall & hard to start when hot. The KTM was a lovely bike but I think I preferred the engine braking of the WR. I realise that 2T vs 4T is just personal preference but I would like to try a 250 4T that is the right tool for the job (instead of the YZF).
  3. I'm returning to Enduro's/hare scrambles for the winter after a few years of road racing. I'm looking for a 250 4 strole & I think I want either a 2007 (seems to be my budget) WR (Yamaha) or KTM. What are the general thoughts/advice on these 2 bikes. Thanks, Brett.