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  1. Here's my trailwing story. I picked up my '06 DRZ400S and took it out to a local OHV park. I drove around for a while, trying to get a feel for the bike. Once I felt comfy, I did what every red blooded American does with their new bike - MUD PIT! So I goosed the throttle and went splashing through the mudpit and I almost made it across.. well, no really I made it about half way before the tread on the trailwings gave out and I completely lost traction and fell over in slow motion. That didn't hurt so bad, just my pride mostly. So I got back on my feet, righted the bike and took off again ONLY TO FALL TWO FEET FROM WHERE I WAS. Then I bought Dunlop D606's.. I highly suggest them.
  2. A Ninja 250 you say? Well my my.. with that kind of power to keep up with you should definitely get the 650! Just kidding, be a man and get the SM. You'll thank me later. Thing's made for mods, insurance is cheap as hell, nice on gas, and you can still take it down some trails. DRZ400SM
  3. Worked for me. Thank you! http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=391342
  4. I spoke far too soon. After giving her a few to get used to running in the new smog-canister free config, all of a sudden all my problems COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED. I have since put about 20 miles on her today. Everything from the first cautious wander around the neighborhood to finally ripping it down a long road around a runway and feeling her out a bit. It even feels like removing the smog canister has made some minor (albeit most likely psychological) improvement to the bottom end. .. So anyway, great instructions, pretty simple mod and it mysteriously fixed my problem. THANK YOU!!
  5. Oi what a morning! So I removed the smog canister as per your instructions, but unfortunately that didn't take care of it. Everything's back together now, but the issue remains the same: starts (with a slight flick of the throttle..) and idles fine, but when you give it any gas it revs up a little bit for the first quarter turn, then after that it just kills it. Any other ideas?
  6. Just finished installing the cyclops yesterday. Wired it so low beam lit the low beam and the fisheye lens, and hi beam just activated the hi beam. Took her out for a ride and about two blocks from the house the engine stalls. Completely dead. I stood on the side of the road for a while trying to get her going again, but it was no good. I ended up pushing her back to the garage. Figuring that my cyclops install must be to blame, I removed it and still there's no change in her behavior. I can fire her up no problem, but when I give her any throttle more than say.. 5%, she'll stall, just fall right out from under you. It's an '06 that isn't even finished being broken in yet, it's got about 300 miles on it. Any ideas?
  7. Hey All! In mid-install I've completely lost my mounting/wiring instructions for my cyclops light. Could some kind soul please scan theirs to a jpg and post it for me? I would really appreciate it!
  8. The headlight shroud has blue on it now. Seriously, that's about it.
  9. Easiest way is to have two complete wheel setups in your garage. One for SM and one for trail. This is the route I'm headed down at the moment. I have a drz400s, and my 17's will be in the mail soon. Anyone wanna buy my stock rims/hubs with Dunlop 606's mounted on em?
  10. Does that combo include tires/tubes?
  11. Oh, or you could do that.
  12. Well, I'm buying all my gear piece-meal. I'll buy the front wheel one month, the back wheel the next, then the third month I'll get the rotor/etc. I'm horrible at saving up a couple grand, but I can kick out like 500-600 extra a month on toys without it being a huge deal. I'm doing the same as you as well, keeping all my dirt gear so I can switch back and forth. Ugh. The factory speedometer on the drz400s won't work with a 17 inch wheel, and I don't think it's re-programmable. So, either hack it or get a trailtech... just more $$!!!
  13. $400. I'm just gunna go with the TT store complete excel/talon combo, but that's gunna be about a grand, and that doesn't even include rubber (someone correct me if i'm wrong on that one..) But it's just money, right?
  14. Alright, I vice-griped the crap out of it and drove it to work - no issues. rock.
  15. It's noisy and it vibrates, it's a thumper man.