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  1. Florida

    dont worry bro the riding here is good a little slice of moto heaven if you ask me. just got to look in the right place
  2. Florida

    wait until you get a taste of o town traffic
  3. i have a sst wich is the replacement for the rev in pretty damn good shape no major flaws. if you want it i will sell it to you for a hundred bucks shipped.
  4. Florida

    i moved here from kansas in 02 and in my opinion ocala is best location moto wise and everything else. central to everything tracks, beachs, attractions. not to big not to small
  5. Florida

    waldo is just what your looking for.
  6. Florida

    give us a ride report tucker.
  7. Florida

    im already an hour north
  8. Tennessee

    hello, i have to go to Chattanooga the 16 17 18th and was wondering if there is any place close to ride during the day that would be worth hauling my bikes up there for. i would appreciate ant info thanks. mxpilot
  9. you have to lean out jetting with big bore. it will not pull good at all on top while to rich. put a smaller main jet in.
  10. im looking for a cylinder somebody might have laying around that needs replated. i want to send it off and have it 134ed. if anyone would happen to have one pm me please. my 125 is an 09 i think back to a 06 will fit.
  11. guys i hope everyone turns out ok but this is a moto board not some religious board take that crap where it belongs.
  12. dont really need perch itself. however the adjuster would be a good topic.
  13. . i need a stock clutch perch for my 08 yz 250. anybody got one laying around not being used.
  14. the street is sw 7th ave
  15. the number for the place that has it listed is 352-817-7522. just tell them its is about a mile south of the new overpass they just built on 17th it has a house and a big shop and what looks to be an office or an appartment. the number on the house is 2111.