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  1. Great post... I really wanted to hear about RC and Everts racing head-to-head. "Team USA" won yes, but Everts showed the world his speed.
  2. JS will be the fastest man on race day. Transworld has video of practice. I know it's all politics at this point, but Ivan should not be riding. Kevin has had more time and has gotten much faster over the outdoor season. In fact I would have went with Davi before Ivan. But like I've said, what Roger wants Roger gets and Ivan will ride.
  3. Same here... I will use some Triflow once in a while, but never before riding only after washing with PW.
  4. MA???!!! I would think BH or AS before I would even consider MA, big baby! Lets give it time, RC isn't the GOAT for nothing! If he's not ready then DM or KW would be my two top choices. RV is going to KASS! He looks like a young Ricky, pushes hard throughout the whole race, something MA knows little about. Anyone else see JS spotting the #3 plate?
  5. Agreed... You might also have to bend 2 to 3 incise to the left and right of the actual bend.
  6. Neither did mine.
  7. I too have always used gas on my air filters. As soon as all the grease is off I rinse it with dish soap and let dry. Then I use TA filter oil. I saw a video of Andrew Shorts mechanic doing this. Saves money. I always check the filter to see if the glue is intact, I can say for certain the glue shows no signs of separation.
  8. Redesigned combustion chamber, reshaped intake ports, new carb and ignition settings, chrome nitride coated piston rings, a longer exhaust pipe, thicker lower tubes, tinner tank rails, swing arm shortened in high and increased in width. Taken from Transworld MX August issue.
  9. mxjosh is correct, RC's bike is RC's bike. You could say anything on RC's bike, at some point will be available to the public (i.e. '06/'07/'08). The only thing I know for sure that's anything '07 on RC's bike, are the radiators and shrouds. It was done to help with cooling. There is also a strong possibility (heard this from my local Suzuki dealer owner), that many of the "S" riders and "S" dealers were getting word from Japan/Suzuki that the '08's will have a five speed trans. Only time will tell, but Suzuki is the last of the Asian bikes to have a 5 speed tranny on their 450 now that Kawasaki has made the move from 4 to 5.
  10. Like others have already said the CRT will not cool your RMZ450. Engine Ice etc. will. A CRT system, however, will help if you run your RMZ450 in some tight stuff. I run that exact same system on my bike. Keeps the anti-freeze where it belongs, in the radiator. Before it would just pour out on to the dirt, requiring me to fill it up each time when I get back to my truck (after only an hour or so of riding).
  11. The real reason being, MXA hates any bike with a four speed trans! Simple! Look at any article (2006 RM-Z450 review FEB issue) and take note at how much they diss the four speed tranny! The 2007 KX450F, if you all don't know by now has a five speed tranny!
  12. www.suzukicycles.com
  13. What he ended up doing was changing the whole carb, and now everything seems back to normal. I can't think of any reason why this would happen, but the dealer has the carb and wants to check the carb out somemore.