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  1. YZ_Rider_49

    05 yz250f hard to start! please help

    When cold i pull the choke, push the kick start 3 times down all the way soft then on hard kick without throttle. starts 1st kick everytime... starting hot is my problem but am figuring my bike out, it seems to have its own mind about when and when it won't start hot.
  2. YZ_Rider_49

    Engine Oil...

    Does it matter what kind of oil goes in?
  3. YZ_Rider_49

    Engine Oil...

    I recently switched to the four stroke so I am not familiar with everything. But I lost my crankcase plug on my 04 yz250f. I didn't see any oil on my boots but i think i still need to replace the oil. I am not sure how much is supposed to go in. Anybody know? That is the plug i lost, I bought a new one along with the o-ring now i just need to check the oil