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    Sounds like a gnarly trip down for the bike. Glad you're getting back on your feet and bike. My surgery in February that was supposed to be healed in 4 weeks, and I should have been back to my old self, has turned into 2 months of hell. 4th doctor so far, and enough pills to kill a horse, and still feel like crap. It hurts to see the bike and two gallons of fresh premix just sitting there. Two more doctor visits this week. I'm starting to get a little edgy. I don't think I can hold back the foul language much longer. Sorry, I had to vent a little.
  2. Estevahn

    trials bike?

    Yup, all bids were cancelled on the 14th.
  3. Estevahn

    Premix Ratio for 95 Fantic Section 249

    Poor ol Fester. All those fine social skills and all he could muster up was a smiley. I'll have to find a new hero.
  4. Estevahn

    There here!

    Genius! Pure Genius!
  5. Estevahn

    There here!

    Where's the seat?,,,,,,DOH! never mind!
  6. Estevahn

    Four Stroke engine build?

    Hmmmm,, even on the Zero? If so, no wonder it's stump puller.
  7. Estevahn

    Four Stroke engine build?

    The flywheel on my old Beta weighs about 7lbs and is about 5 inches in diameter. I added another lb just for kicks. Man, you couldn't stall that thing. I haven't weighed my Sherco flywheel but at a glance it looks a tad lighter but about the same diameter. Those XR200's were kind of a mountain goat to begin with. A little more flywheel, very low gearing and some trials tyres would make it a fun crawler. Have fun and let us see what you create.
  8. Estevahn

    2 stroke pipes trials

    Let me slide off topic for a sec. HAPPY NEW YEAR FESTER!!! Ok, back to topic
  9. Estevahn

    this is what 4am does to me

    LOL! You made my day. And I needed the chuckle.
  10. Estevahn

    86 Honda TRL200

    I've been watching for a later model TLR. It's surprising how well they've held their value. And seem to be going up.
  11. Estevahn

    Sherco parts

    Grizz, a local motor shop helped me to rewind a bad coil on an early stator. It wasn't hard to do but did take a little time to count the windings (very fine wire, about the thickness of a hair). I did most of it myself. Once done, he shellacked it and it worked as good as new. At the time, (early 80's) I did find a company that specialized in motorcycle stator repair, Maybe they're still around too.
  12. Estevahn

    2000 Sherco 2.9

    Phil, did you get a look at the Sherco?
  13. Estevahn

    2Ply and Frostbite the ride.

    Where has frosty been? Haven't seen him here lately.
  14. Estevahn

    Fantic 307 any info?

    Welcome Adrian! One thing you'll probably notice here, there's plenty of room for everybody. OH,, and we tend to stray from topic once and a while. enjoy!
  15. Estevahn

    Look what I got for my birthday ...

    SWEET! Literally:thumbsup: mmmmmm,, I hope it was chocolate cake under that icing. mmmmm
  16. Estevahn

    2Ply and Frostbite the ride.

    Perfect days like that are never long enough. TOO KEWL, 2ply and posse!
  17. Estevahn

    2Ply and Frostbite the ride.

    I know exactly how Frostbite felt. I was invited to play ride at a trials rider's place. I pulled in to his drive and his yard was chuck full of boulders. The big scary kind that only a pro would love. It was a huge relief to find out his play area was in the woods with lots of fallen trees.
  18. Estevahn

    Ever try trials on a normal bike?

    pufinstuff,, that leap does look like it could get painful if one messed it up. thrasher,, I wouldn't call it a crutch either. To me it's a personal choice of riding style and technique. And it may be very well suited for the type of riding you're doing. Getting out there and having the fun you enjoy is what it's all about. I'd never compare what you're doing with a pro trials rider, and you never said you were. Have fun and keep sharing. Having that bar mounted rear brake would be a handy tool, that's a fact. And besides, if it wasn't for some crazy folks experimenting with the boundaries of a motor cycle, we wouldn't know the trials we have today. I may have to build a bike like yours. It sure looks like fun.
  19. Estevahn

    wr250f trials, kinda

    excellent choice of rear rubber! Did you gear it down? Add flywheel weight? My son often can out do me with his mx bike. What really ticks me off is, when the puke does more on the pitster than I can do on the trials bike. It looks like you've already met ****en Fester. Don't worry, he just runs to the end of his leash and barks.
  20. Estevahn

    New Hydro. line on clutch??

    If the banjo fittings are the same, you're good to go.
  21. Estevahn

    2010 Gg

    Hubba hubba
  22. Estevahn

    Trials in LA. Louisiana NOT Los Angeles!

    Welcome to your new addiction. Make sure it's a very strong picnic table. Us trials guys are a rare breed and we're scattered all over the world. So finding riding buddy's close by is kinda tough.
  23. Estevahn

    Summer riding in the Arctic

    It appears someone has a little too much time on his hands.
  24. Estevahn

    Summer riding in the Arctic

  25. Estevahn

    Summer riding in the Arctic

    Fry eggs on the hood of your car?