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  1. xkmail

    Always shop around for parts

    Going on 6 months, bike started right up today, battery holding a charge OK kevin
  2. xkmail

    09 yfz450r > Mod's ??

    left mine stock for dune riding. however I would like some nerfs. I like the muffled sound compared to my old fully piped rossier on my ltz-400. stay factory like above said, there were some dyno sheets floating around. the paddles really help track and ride.
  3. xkmail

    2004 yfz450 not starting

    check compression then check timing
  4. xkmail

    Desperate - Please help - Losing my mind.

    It sounds to me like your dealer didn't do squat. If you really think it is a fuel issue try dyno'ing it, that will tell you if it is rich or lean, and at what RPM, that will tell you idle, pilot, main circuit is messed up. There are stock fuel maps you can compare to. Reminds me of a time I used to do tech support. Guy calls in and says his coffee cup holder is broken. I said is this something that came with the computer? He said yes, he had seen them on alot of new computers that our company sold. I said, where is the coffee cup holder? He said every time he turns the computer on in the morning the coffee cup holder opens up and when he turns it off it goes back in. I said, by chance on the front of the coffee cup holder does it say cd48X??
  5. xkmail

    Desperate - Please help - Losing my mind.

    I have a feeling this thread will end with the owner saying something simple like I left the choke on, or the choke sticks, or, I was using diesel fuel. When I first started doing computer tech support a lady called in and said her new computer would not turn on. We tried all kinds of things and then she says, hold on let me get another flashlight. I said why do you need a flashlight? She said, well the power went off an hour ago and I can't see without the flashlight.
  6. xkmail

    Desperate - Please help - Losing my mind.

    I was quoting yubamikes statement: By " cracking " the gas cap he means leave it about 1/2 a turn loose from fully seated so air can get in the tank to replace the fuel you're burning. It will likely slosh some fuel out of the filler neck when you're riding... I agree it is just a way to find out if there is something wrong with the tank.
  7. xkmail

    Desperate - Please help - Losing my mind.

    I have two friends with completely stock yfz, run great, however last season he got his valves adjusted after 4 seasons, runs great, all stock jetting. If your bike needs the fuel cap cracked then there is something wrong, plus it's very dangerous and can catch fire. However if cracking the fuel cap makes it run right then maybe that leads to the real problem. The dealer should fix it. If they can't, tell them you want a new bike that runs right. no ifs, ands or buts. It's called an implied warranty of merchantibility. They sold you a brand new quad that's supposed to perform as a brand new quad should. it should start up and run right as all the other thousands of yfz's do. It's under warranty, they can fix it, or sue them for a new quad that runs right. If they can't fix it inform them you will take it to another shop, have them fit it, then send them the bill. Check your warranty details for repair procedures and arbitration procedures. I just think it's time that people stop getting screwed by dealers who want to make a buck then not stand behind their product.
  8. xkmail

    Desperate - Please help - Losing my mind.

    Let's look at this again. When he cruises it runs fine. When he "gets on it" it will soon stall and not restart. When my Z did that it was because my floats were adjusted too low, fuel starvation at WOT. Raising floats too high, results in fuel overflow at low-mid rpm, and fuel drainage after a ride where floats are too high. Pull bowl, check floats. Check resistance/ohms of spark plug wire. A wire that was poorly crimped or faulty somehow can not pass spark. If you are starting it and the speed of the starter rapidly goes down you have fuel and no spark. If your bike starter engages and runs at same speed, no fuel-spark OK. A starter that goes on and makes a constant chugging sound means bad valve adjustment. All these are heard learned lessons by myself, and as I recognized these I could fix them immediately. Hard to start, check valve lash, check compression, leak down test too. Hard to start, flooding it, develop a system of starting the bike when it is cold and hot, check to make sure you don't leave your choke on. On cold days I can start with 1/2 choke, on warm days no choke at all. Develop a system.
  9. xkmail

    Desperate - Please help - Losing my mind.

    Don't be sarcastic. This would be done at home or in the pits, maybe I should have said "check plug and clean if wet, wait 15-20 minutes", OK? feel better now? Waiting 15-20 minutes also let's your starter cool down so you don't fry your starter. They build thousands of quads a year, with the same parts and same jetting and all "start fine" at the dealer when bought. The only reason his does not start is because something is broke or he is flooding it. Yes you can tune to the stoichiometric ratio of 14.7:1. Changing the main jet only changes jetting between 3/4 to full throttle. The main jet circuit is not even in play at idle, the flow of air from the filter to the combustion chamber is way to slow and you are using an idle circuit. On a kehin carb you also have an accelerator pump. Every time the rider goes WOT the pump squirts extra gas so the bike doesn't hesitate so bad like my old z400. Doing this at startup just pours gas into the intake, possibly flooding the bike.
  10. xkmail

    Desperate - Please help - Losing my mind.

    Don't go changing the jetting, it is fine from the factory. You have some issue you need to diagnose correctly. If it is hard to start then you are: flooding it some other intermittent electrical problem. valves out of adjustment is common for hard starting, check valves first before doing anything else. Try this. with the bike cold and not having been started for 12 hours. Turn on the choke, give it no gas, start it. Doesn't start? Wait 12 hours. Put on choke half way, no gas, start. does not start? Wait 12 hours. no choke, one throttle of gas, then no more gas and start. Somewhere you need to get a system down to start it, then follow that system. the yfz (not 2009) have a kehin carb that has an accelerator pump. When you punch the throttle it gives and extra squirt of gas that can flood the engine at startup. To verify check your spark plug it may be wet if flooded. If you ahve an 09 yfz450r it is fuel injected that's what I have. Do not give any gas when starting, the fuel injection does this for you.
  11. xkmail

    Always shop around for parts

    For $100 difference I will have an apple instead of an orange. As a matter of fact I will have 3 apples instead of one orange.
  12. So recently I was out riding and when I got back I left my key on. The next morning my battery was dead and would not take a charge. So I started looking around for a battery. It is a 2009 yfz450r, which uses the same battery as a honda trx450 and a few others, called a yuasa YTZ7S. B&B motorcycles (yamaha dealer) in victorville, ca $119.95 Cycle Gear $143.95, said they would match B&B BatteryMart.com $63.95 plus $18 shipping (offbrand) Chapparell Motorsports San Bernardino $39.99 off-brand ebay $109 free shipping I was surprised the place I thought would be the most (Chap) was the cheapest. I am surprised in this economy some places (cycle gear) mark up stuff ABOVE retail list price hoping a sucker comes in and blindly buys their products.
  13. xkmail

    stiffer valve springs

    adjust valve clearance per hotcams specs. get rev box. now mostly high end will be wide open throttle so you may have to go to a bigger main jet
  14. xkmail

    buttersup dunes fun video

    1:02, you mean 1:02DD ? These are from this weekend, just got home.
  15. Why ride when you can set stuff on fire?