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  1. Red Abstract

    We're doing Arenacross !!!! Pics + Video added

    That's what it s all about right there. Good job dad
  2. Red Abstract

    Indy track map?

    Looks like it will be another quick race w/ the short lap times and all....................
  3. Red Abstract

    Crazy parents in the 50/65/85cc classes? Anyone deal with these?

    My boy went to his first race at 4. It was our first race and our last with modern bikes. I had to turn his head away from things that were going on between parents and kids. Got ran over on the track, had his bike laying on top of him with no help from parents 10 yards away. In fact, a guy from the stands came out there to help him as I was running from the other side of the track. We switched to race vintage and love it. The last thing I tell him as I pat his rear is "Don't ride over your head and have fun!" If he crashes, I always make sure his is ok. There have been a few that had me worried. Anyway, one time he trashed out his bike, bent the bars all up and stuff. I asked him what he wanted to do, he said, "Get that checkered flag dad!" So he did............ The thing is, this is fun for dads too (maybe more so...), how can those wacko dads be having any fun yellin and stuff? Good comments on this thread!
  4. Red Abstract

    Found a new track for my kid to ride.

    Nice! The little man is tearin it up!
  5. Red Abstract

    PICS of EVS RC3 Neck Collar..........

    Cool helmet!
  6. Red Abstract

    Dune Crash

    some how the word 'sweet' doesnt fit with that clip! Glad your ok!
  7. 1. You remember when they invented whoops. 2. You remember when the water-truck was a wooden cask hauled behind two musk oxen. Yes, oxen, dammit. 3. You’ve been thwacked by the surgical neoprene strand of a rubber-band start. 4. You well know the difference between a Combat –Wombat, a Pursang and a Cappra. 5. You begged your dad to “forward-mount” your Elsinore ’s rear shocks. 6. Then you begged more for him to “lay ‘em down”. 7. You’re familiar with Skunk-Works and their whole get-up(s). 8. You badly desired a DG radial head for your RM-125. 9. You knew ‘em as Pentons – before they were Katoomers. 10. You recall Team Tamm and L.O.P. 11. You idolized Marty Smith & Bob Hannah 12. You knew Micky Dymond rode a Husky pretty damn well. 13. You were stunned when you heard Gerrit Wolsink was a dentist.(Dentist? Isn’t that a car-body repairman?) 14. You never missed ABC’s Wide World Of Sports. In case they featured Carlsbad . 15. You remember when hot-dogs were the only “health-food” available at the track 16. You dreamt of manhandling a Maico 501 17. You remember JONES goggles and Carrera’s, too. 18. Ake Johnson and Jack Van Velthoven are household names to you. 19. You’ve pulled serious dirt out of your nose two days after a National. 20. You’ve camped at both Mount Morris and Unadilla and lived to tell of it. 21. You wished you’d never bought those Scott plastic boots. But you did. 22. You’ve owned a duckbill visor on your Red Bell Helment. 23. You’ve worn football pads in a motocross race. 24. You’ve worn race-gloves with pieces of tires attached to the fingers. 25. You remember when box-vans were “factory”. 26. You’re making stupid-money selling your old motocross stuff as “vintage” on Ebay. 27. You used to think Heikki Mikkola was the baddest dude on the planet. In fact, part of you thinks he still is……… 28. You’ve pulled the lights and blinkers off an enduro bike to race motocross. 29. You recall seeing Jim Gianatsis’ name over every dirt-bike photo in the ‘70’s 30. Mr. Know-It-All both entertained you and pissed you off. 31. And you know who Lovely Louella is and where Chicken Licks Raceway isn’t. 32. You once asked your dad if you could get a Bel-Ray tattoo. 33. Your mom ironed on a Champion spark-plug patch to your jean-jacket. 34. You’ve written letters to companies begging for stickers (DC!) 35. You were there when tear-offs were invented. 36. You fondly recall the Wrangler Dash For Cash in Supercross races. 37. You owned at least one “Do It In The Dirt” shirt. 38. You tear up while recalling the sound of the start of a 500 National. 39. You blasted your Zeppelin & Rolling Stones on 8-tracks on the way to the races. 40. In later years, you rode home listening to the Eagles on these revolutionary cassettes.. 41. You witnessed a Supercross in St, Louis & L.A. 42. You saved up forever for that DG water-cooled head and front-plate radiator dealio from DG. 43. You’re familiar with the “Flying W”, WFO and the GYDBT, amongst other terms. 44. You’ve purchased both Bassani and Hooker pipes for your Yamaha DT-250. 45. You installed a white fender-extender on your ’76 YZ-125. Just because. 46. You used to think it nutty to pay a buck- twenny-five for race-gas. 47. You recall MXA magazine having a ROY (Rider Of The Year) that was awarded a truck. 48. You’re familiar with front-falling gates, too. 49. And flag starts. Uh – huh. 50. Some tracks even had traffic-light starts ! Whaaaaa ? 51. You recall the van craze and it’s link to mx. 52. Rex Staten always kind of scared you a bit. 53.. You still think of Mike LaRocco as “ that fast kid from Indiana ” 54. You’ve ridden a bike or two up and into a pick-up truck bed. 55. You’ve also wadded it up performing this stunt. 56. You’ve raced the Open-Class. On a real Open-bike. 57. You remember the Harley –Davidson mx team. 58. You could never afford those FOX-Shox. But you desired them, badly. 59. You remember Bob Hannah’s Open-Bike fan-club at Unadilla. 60. You remember an AMA National in St. Pete , Florida . 61. You thought the Husky chrome tanks were extremely sexy. 62. You were pretty sure the Hodaka transmissions were made of plastic. 63. You always knew that, by the 90’s, Supercross would be live on TV on Saturday nights. 64. You used to bring your girlfriend and her dog to the races. That didn’t last. 65. You recall Cycle News East & West versions. “ We don’t care how the hell they do it in California ” – that was the East version’s battle cry. Odd times, indeed. 66. You knew Can-Am’s had rotary valves and no head gaskets. 67. You knew Ricky’s boss had worked in the sport pretty seriously prior to getting into big-rig management. 68. You not only owned a 175, you actually raced the 175 class ! 69. You still have your JOFA mouthpiece. 70. You called your pants “leathers” – even if they weren’t. 71. You always wore a kidney-belt. You just did. 72. You’ve seen a Maico 490 Sand-Spider shred the knobs off. 73. You knew who “Super-Hunky” was. 74. You’re familiar with terms like “Full-Floater”, “Unitrak”, “Monoshock” and groovy. 75. You remember the DATSUN USGP Of Motocross 76. Debruzer was some kind of handlebar pad endorsed by “De-MAN”, right? 77. Tommy Benolkin’s name rings a bell with you. 78. You knew what product "Electro" manufactured. 79. You were there when Darrell Schultz won Daytona on his Chris Haines prepped CR250. 80. You knew Steve Wise was a motorcycling Mr. Do-It-All. 81. You loved watching Jimmy Ellis at the Atlanta Supercross By Wrangler on his Honda. 82. You liked those Dunlop K190’s, you really did. 83. For many years it was only Metzelers for you though. 84. You did give Trelleborg’s a brief try. 85. And Hi-Point’s Red-Dot tires. (Hannah endorsed !) 86. You were there when Donnie started FMF with a fatty hanging from his lip! 87. You’ve actually left a motocross race in a Ford Pinto towing a 3 rail Holsclaw trailer, by golly. 88. You’ve heard of both Bauers: Willi and Steve. 89. You had subscriptions to Modern Cycle & Popular Cycling. 90. You’ve heard the term “Maico-Breako” a time or two. 91.. You would have given your left buttock for a pair of those “hi-zoot” Simons forks ! 92. You’ve seen white KTM’s with red-frames. 93. You actually owned a bike-cover for your machine at one point. No, really, you did. 94. You always wanted to put a 44mm Mikuni carburetor on something. Anything. 95. You knew Josh Hansen’s dad raced a bit. 96. You bought a roost-boost bottle for your bike. Supposedly it straightened out the powerband or something. 97. You worked that Impact-driver like nobody’s business. No Phillips-stripping for you, my brother. 98. The name Torsten Hallman was familiar to you, just like you knew well the Gunnar-Gasser throttle. Hell, everybody did. 99. You’ve broke more than one chain in a day. And you always carried extra master-links, you had to. 100. You knew, that if you only had five-bucks to get home on, you could get four burgers from Mickey-D’s and five gallons of gas for your Econoline van. True. 101. Back then, a rhythm – section was a drummer and a bass player.
  8. Red Abstract

    KTM mini adventure price (used)

    Hstead, why dont you keep the PC pipe and race carb for when its time for a SR? Thats what my plans are if I ever get around to it! I dont think the extras you have will benifit the sale price a whole lot, but your Pro SR would!
  9. Red Abstract

    backyard MX track???

    BB A dozer for a small track wouldnt be to practical IMHO. A skid loader can pick up the dirt, turn around run and dump faster than a dozer can push the dirt from point a to point b as long as you dont have to travel long distances with your load. The tight turning and quickness of the skid steer can move dirt faster than one would think. You have to be willing to hammer the machine and make sure NO-ONE is in the area you will be working. Dont worry about the machine, they can handle anything you can dish out in a back yard! I know, I hammer my little XT40 Case like there is no tommorow!
  10. Red Abstract

    letting your kids race?

    Thats why we race the local vintage series (apart from a small AX style night track). There is only one double on one track that we do in our series. Everything else are all tables...................
  11. Red Abstract

    Mini Cycle Magazines

    I agree with JAM Motokids was great! Too bad there wasnt enough money in it to keep it going.
  12. Red Abstract

    Bottle thrown at James at MXoN!!!

    Because he crashed leading the race with less than 3 laps to go............. opps, I didnt read page 2 before I responded. My bad
  13. Red Abstract

    just a quick video clip - kx65

    COOL! Looks like the boy is doing good! Man, I need to take some time off so my kid and I can get some dirt in our teeth!
  14. Red Abstract

    Supercross 2009 moto numbers

    1 Chad Reed AMA/FIM World Supercross Champion 1 Trey Canard AMA Supercross Lites East Champion 1 Jason Lawrence AMA Supercross Lites West Champion 2* Ryan Villopoto Poulsbo, WA 3* Mike Brown Gray, TN 4* Ricky Carmichael Havana, FL 7* James Stewart Haines City, FL 8* Grant Langston Clermont, FL 9* Ivan Tedesco Tallahassee, FL 10* Ryan Dungey Belle Plaine, MN 11* Travis Preston Hesperia, CA 12* David Vuillimen Murrieta, CA 13* Heath Voss Mico, TX 14* Kevin Windham Centerville, MS 15* Timmy Ferry Largo, FL 16* John Dowd Ludlow, MA 17* Robbie Reynard Oklahoma, City, OK 18* Davi Millsaps Tallahassee, FL 19 Jake Weimer Rupert, ID 20 Nico Izzi Saint Clair, MI 21 Cody Cooper Tallahassee, FL 22* Chad Reed Tampa, FL 23* Kyle Lewis Henderson, NV 24* Brett Metcalfe Lake Elsinore, CA 25* Nathan Ramsey Menifee, CA 26* Michael Byrne Newnan, GA 27* Nicholas Wey Dewitt, MI 28 Joshua Summey Huntersville, NC 29* Andrew Short Smithville, TX 30 Jeff Alessi Victorville, CA 31 Ryan Sipes Vine Grove, KY 32 Sean Hamblin Murrieta, CA 33 Josh Grant Riverside, CA 34 Matthew Goerke Lake Helen, FL 35 Paul Carpenter Ithaca, NY 36 Kyle Cunningham Fort Worth, TX 37 Antonio Balbi Riverside, CA 38 Kyle Chisholm Valrico, FL 39 Trey Canard Elk City, OK 40 Daniel Reardon Menifee, CA 41 Matthew Lemoine Pilot Point, TX 42 Jake Moss Temecula, CA 43 Broc Tickle Holly, MI 44 Andrew McFarlane Menifee, CA 45 Jason Thomas Melrose, FL 46 Austin Stroupe Corona, CA 47 Jimmy Albertson Ozark, MO 48 Thomas Hahn Alvord, TX 49 Justin Brayton Murrieta, CA 50 Wil Hahn Decatur, TX 51 Martin Davalos Cairo, GA 52 Robert Kiniry La Fayette, NY 53 Jason Lawrence Carlsbad, CA 54 Matt Boni Geneva, FL 55 Ryan Clark Waddell, AZ 56 Eric Sorby Lake Elsinore, CA 57 Jacob Marsack Berlin, MI 58 Phillip Nicoletti Cochecton, NY 59 Troy Adams Homosassa, FL 60* Broc Hepler Kittanning, PA 61 Blake Wharton Pilot Point, TX 62 Sean Collier Valencia, CA 63 Chris Blose Phoenix, AZ 64 Jeff Gibson Blacklick, OH 65 Shaun Skinner Stuart, FL 66 Steve Boniface Corona, CA 67 Josh Hansen Murrieta, CA 68 Michael Blose Phoenix, AZ 69 Tucker Hibbert Goodridge, MN 70 Michael Willard Thornville, OH 71 Justin Sipes Vine Grove, KY 72 Bryan Johnson Cairo, GA 73 Gavin Gracyk Blissfield, OH 74 Branden Jesseman New Brighton, PA 75* Joshua Hill Yoncalla, OR 76 Kevin Rookstool Klamath Falls, OR 77 Steven Clarke Cairo, GA 78 Billy Laninovich Lake Elsinore, CA 79 Cole Siebler Emmett, ID 80 Tyler Bright Lexington, NC 81 Kyle Summers Colorado Springs, CO 82 Jack Carpenter Ithaca, NY 83 Dusty Klatt Riverside, CA 84 Jarred Browne Nuevo, CA 85 Sean Borkenhagen Huntington Beach, CA 86 Travis Sewell Westville, IN 87 PJ Larsen Stanley, NC 88 Bobby Bonds Maricopa, CA 89 Marc De Reuver Lommel, Belgium 90 Kelly Smith Ludington, MI 91 Chad Charbonneau Litchfield, NH 92 Ryan Morais Murrieta, CA 93 Kevin Johnson Albuquerque, NM 94 Jacob Morrison Wareham, MA 95 Ben Lamay Anchorage, AK 96 Tyler Wharton Pilot Point, TX 97 Juss Laansoo Chatsworth, GA 98 Kyle Tobin Climax, GA 99 Jase Lewis Carrollton, GA 101* Ben Townley Tallahassee, FL 800* Mike Alessi Victorville, CA *Denotes rider's career number
  15. Red Abstract

    My Mutant Grocery Getter

    That is a sharp ride. Nice work!