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  1. jdo

    Best suspension mod under $1000???

    Link for the above kit from alba racing http://alba.buyol.com/Item/ALBA400KFX%2DPROCOMP%2DKIT.htm I didn't realize the shocks are not adjustable except for spring tension. I guess it is the same as stock. But, I looked at adjustable shocks and they run at least $800-900 for the fronts. That is crazy!!! Anyway, I am still thinking this might be my best bet but I guess if I could step it up to about $1700 I could get the better shocks!!!
  2. jdo

    Best suspension mod under $1000???

    Found this deal for $933.00 It looks like it might be a decent deal. I wouldn't know whether to go with Works or Elka shocks. Team Alba ProComp Suspension Kit [ALBA400KFX-PROCOMP-KIT] shipping weight: 30 LB NEW ALBA PRO COMP SUSPENSION KIT! YOUR CHOICE OF ELKA OR WORKS SHOCKS Make your's the baddest Z400 around! Race ready extreme performance from this combination front end suspension package. In this high-end performance kit, receive a set of Alba ProComp A-Arms, your choice of ELKA Tripple-Rate Shocks or WORKS Dual-Rate Shocks and Braided Stainless Steel Brake lines - saving you lots of cash, if you were to purchase them individually. You won't recognize the way your bike handles with this serious improvement in performance. Leave your friends in the dust! Ride like the pros - even if you aren't one - with this top end performance kit. ELKA TRIPLE-RATESHOCKS Manufactured from high-quality materials, these shock absorbers offer adjustable spring preloading, can be easily modified or rebuilt, and are designed to provide maximum travel. If you want to upgrade later, these shocks can be converted at any time with a reservoir kit. The kit is available with or without a compression adjustment device. WORKS DUAL-RATE SHOCKS Works Steelers dual-rate shocks are a great way to help riders keep control over the rough stuff. The dual-rate shocks provide much better action over stock which, in turn, helps you go faster through uneven terrain while handling even better on the flat stuff. A great addition for recreational riders looking for better handling. PRO COMP A-ARMS First, start with a set of our ProComp A-Arms which feature +2" W and +1" F geometry for added stability and better handling; laeger joints for smooth travel and consistant feel throughout the travel range, zerk fittings for easy lubrication and more. GALFER STAINLESS STEEL BRAKE LINES Finally, the suspension kit includes Galfer Stainless Steel Brake Lines with a high-end suspension like this, you have to go with stainless steel - which doesn't expand like cheep plastic and rubber brake lines - assuring you of solid braking all the time.
  3. jdo

    Info on skid plates

    FYI.. I have Pro Aluminum A-Arm, full belly, swing arm and rear linkage (lowest part of the underside) and they are great. Easy to install and have held up great. They are also much cheaper than others.
  4. Any ideas? I was thinking about doing my front end but the only kits in the price range don't have long travel. I do mostly trails and CC but a little MX. Will it make a huge differance to the long travel?