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  1. yamahammer1

    Best YZ250 exhaust systems

    I have an 05 YZ 250 and recently put on a PC works, nice pipe but I believe the stock pipe was better all around.
  2. yamahammer1

    Rad valve installation 05 yz250

    Sorry I should have included the rest of my suspension settings, 100mm of sag , 2 clicks in on the rear rebound, comp on rear still at factory. My suspension is really starting to bug me, the suspension is kicking my a** and I would really appreciate any suggestions. I know the very basics and I know I could hire somebody to assist me in getting the supension set up but that not as much fun.
  3. yamahammer1

    Rad valve installation 05 yz250

    Rad Valve Report: 05 yz 250 I am a novice rider (age 40, 190lbs, 6') who rides MX with my 3 boys, I have installed a pc304 shorty, rad valve, pc works pipe in that order. The rad valve by far made the biggest effect, dropped down 3 sizes on the main jet. The factory pipe in my opinion actually seems to be better but then again I by no means can ride this bike the way it is meant to be ridden. I am looking for some suggestions. 1. suspension: my front forks seem very harsh, revalve or can anybody give me some general settings for my level of riding. Currently I have backed off the comp. 4 clicks from factory. 2. Handle Bars: what bend?
  4. yamahammer1

    Rad valve installation 05 yz250

    Thanks, I didn't want to take it back off! the carb is in there tight
  5. yamahammer1

    Rad valve installation 05 yz250

    I was installing a Boyesen Rad valve last night on a 05 YZ 250 and the factory spacer did not seem to fit properly over the new assembly. Do I need it with the new valve?